Wilson C300 Irons and Woods

Wilson Staff started putting the C300 line out on tour a few weeks ago. Wilson has released all the technical details, pricing, and release dates.

C300 Driver and Fairway Woods

The first thing that will catch your eye is the matte red club head. It pays homage to the Wilson Deep Red from the early 2000’s.  You may remember how Taylormade tried to tell consumers how white could be smaller while appearing bigger. Wilson isnt trying to make up some crazy reason for why its red. They know it will be different. They know it will catch you eye and they hope you will want to hit it because of that.

The other big eye catcher is the use of “Power Holes”. The power holes are urethane filled holes that are there to help the face flex and increase ball speed. Wilson is claiming a 5 to 7 yard  increase in distance from the F5 driver. Thats a significant increase and one that would warrant picking it up. People are already complaining about the Power Holes. I play a 3 wood with a giant slot on top so the Power Holes arent going to bother me at all. I do understand the complaint though. There has to be a way to hide the holes. Couldnt they color the filling red? Adams eventually figured out how to hide the slots. Wilson should have figured it out by now.

The club has 3 adjustable weights which are positioned in the same place as the Triton. Put the heavy weight in the back and itll launch higher. Put the heavier weight in the toe or heel and you can expect fade and draw biases. The stock shaft is a Fujikura Speeder Pro 58. Wilson says its a mid launch and mid spin shaft.  Another big complaint on past Wilson drivers is the size of the shaft adapter. It does appear smaller in this version as well.

C300 Irons and C300 Forged irons

Wilson is updating its C series irons for 2018. The C200 introduced power holes and Wilson has decided to increase the amount of holes.  Just like the driver the holes are designed to increase distance. Wilson created a double row on the bottom of the club and kept the holes around the top. One of the things I noticed on the c200 irons was how the slots actually made the club look slimmer than it was. It seems to be having the same affect on the C300’s.

I am excited for the new C300 forged iron.  Wilson is bringing game improvement technology to the forged market. Taylormade and PXG have done this recently. These wont get Wilson sued. Wilson has put the power holes on the irons. They also knew the market and decided to keep the holes off the toe and top of the club. Just like the driver Wilson has gotten a little honest and truthfully I love it. They have had traditional lofts and have been getting killed in distance. The average dude sees 7 iron and compares it to another 7 iron and doesnt pay attention to anything else. Wilson basically admitted they were tired of losing number for number and have strengthened the lofts. They are now in line with a lot of the competitors in the same market.

Final Thoughts

I love what they are doing with the C300 irons. They are going with the Callaway Apex model. Callaway has a cast version of the apex and a forged version. The whole time I have been writing this I have been telling my wife I need the forged C300. I obviously want to hit them before I go crazy and buy them but these are a very strong contender for me.

The C300 line is available for preorder starting today and will be available starting in Early Janurary. The price the driver retails for $399.99. The Forged C300 is 899.99 and the cast C300 is 799.99.

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