Welcome to the new Hunting for Birdies



Hey everyone,

I have spent my New Years “vacation working on getting this up and running.  I am really excited for the things I will hopefully be bringing to you. The biggest change of course is the name. I found another blog with the name The Quest Fore Scratch. I didnt want any confusion to happen so I decided to go with the name of Hunting for Birdies. Its something I have wanted to do for a while.

The second big change is I am adding a podcast. I hope to put one out every other week. I am waiting on approval from iTunes but you can find me on Soundcloud and on Tunein. When I get approval by iTunes I will make sure to let you know.

Im asking for some help in getting the podcast up and running. Please download it and subscribe. Id really like it if you listened but I get golf equipment isnt for everyone. I understand if you download,rate,subscribe and finally delete.

The first episode is about 3 minutes long. It goes into some detail about how the podcast will work and what I will talk about. If you know someone who plays golf tell them about the blog and podcast. It will get better I promise.

Follow all the social media Instagram @huntingforbirdies,Twitter @hnting4birdies, and Facebook Hunting for Birdies.

Thank you everyone for supporting me and the blog.

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Based out of Dallas TX, Robert has a year round golf season which can severely cut down the time he spends with his wife and two (Fur) kids, Dobby and Molly.

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