Tour Gate Training Aid

Anyone who has either played golf with me or follows this blog knows I am a TERRIBLE putter. The SKLZ putting arc was too big and bulky. After spending way too much money at the PGA Superstore they took pity on me and gave me a rewards coupon. I decided to spend the money on a putting aid.

The idea

The Tour Gate training aid is designed to help you work on the classic gate drill. It is not overly complicated. You put two tees in the ground and dont let the putter hit the tees. The problem for me is I never get the tees straight. I also dont make them wide enough or I make them too wide. I spend more time setting up the drill than I do actually practicing. The Tour Gate makes set up simple. Its got 8 holes to place your tees. A set of wider ones to make it easier or for larger club heads.  Its also got a little cut out to place the ball.

Keep it simple stupid

I hate to say this about something so simple but I love it. Like I said earlier the set up for the drill is a huge pain in the butt. I almost never did it. As soon as I started I could feel a difference right away.  I was able to find the middle of the club much more consistently.  The ball rolled better and didnt seem to stop. Putts I thought would come up short kept rolling into the bottom of the cup. My stroke got les wristy and much more controlled. I was able to really figure out my path and how to keep it straight. I loved the fact that if I set up putt with not enough break or too much break all I had to do was remove one tee and pivot the tool. Its not the most sturdy feeling tool but it doesnt need to be. It feels like it will last. For 10 dollars I can honestly afford to have it break.

Did it work?

In my first round since working with the Tour Gate I walked away with 28 putts. That is a whopping 5 strokes below my average. In my second round since I used it, the putts went up one to 29. I am hitting better putts. I am finding the center of the face more often. It is disgusting how simple the tool is but its beautiful how easy it is to use.

Final Thoughts

I love everything about this training aid. Its small so I can throw it in the bag and not worry. The only other thing it needs is two tees which I can almost guarantee every golfer has in their bag. The results I am seeing are incredible.  I have actually gotten some compliments on my putting stroke. One putter rep said ” Wow, you got a nice little stroke” another golf pro at a course saw me drain 4 straight and said “Do you even need to practice?” .The results are great. For 10 dollars what do you have to lose?


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