Titleist AVX and DT TruSoft

A few days ago Titleist dropped some new stuff. They released a premium urethane covered golf ball and they refreshed and renamed the DT Solo line.

Titleist AVX

The biggest trend in the golf ball market is making golf balls soft and optimizing them for distance while keep spin high on wedges. Titleist is hopping on the bandwagon with a soft feeling urethane covered ball. As soon as I get my hands on these they will be put through a through test. The AVX is only available in Florida, California, and Arizona. Maybe someone has family in Florida who loves them and read this? Is there a chance they will send me some?

Titleist DT TruSoft

The DT TruSoft is a continuation of the DT Solo line. I honestly was never a big fan of the Solo. The ball didnt work as I had hoped. There have been balls at this price point that out performed it. Often times the ball felt very hard, wouldnt spin, and just didnt perform. Titleist understood the the DT Solo line didnt have a great reputation so they are trying to rename the balls to give them  a fresh start. Even though I didnt like the DT Solo, I will give the TruSoft a chance once I get my hands on it. Luckilly, they are for sale right away nationwide.


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