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During my PGA Merchandise show review I said how much I love the use of technology. Their are plenty of options out there for you to analyze your game.  I wanted to give GPS a try so I downloaded an app called The Grint. While using the Grint I started to use their scorecard and stat tracking features.

An Accurate GPS

Like I said I downloaded this program to check out its GPS. I wanted to get some measurements on courses I had never played before. I found the GPS to be very accurate. It used a nice over head view of the hole so you can see any hidden bunkers or any dog legs you may not be able to see from the tee box. The GPS also allows you to click and drag to various parts of the hole. If you want to know the carry of the bunker in front of the green it will allow you quickly know that information. I will say it did seem to wear down my phones battery pretty quickly. I may need to bring an external charger out next time I try to use it out on the course

A legit USGA Handicap

The Grint also has a score card feature that you can use while on the course. This will allow you to update your score as you go. They take that information and submit it to a “digital country club”. These are recognized by the USGA and work as a legit club. When you upload your scores to the app it chooses the closest digital club and you receive a legitimate handicap that you can take to any club. Its a free feature and honestly you should download it just for that reason

A nice hidden feature

When you input your score the app will ask you about your the direction of your drive and how many putts it took you to get the ball in the cup. Based on your score and how many putts it took you to finish it can determine weather you hit the green in regulation. You can get advanced stats which I elected to do for $20. I wanted to do this so I can analyze my game a little more. After four or five months of solid use I can safely say it is easily worth the $20 I paid for it. The knowledge gained by the stats has helped me determine what exactly I should work on. After looking through the information I saw that when I hit the fairway I was hitting the green in 49% of my shots. Combine that with the 2.1 putts per GIR and that leaves with a score just over par. Thats in comparison to missing the fairway. When I miss the fairway I only hit green in 19% of my shots. Combine that with a par save percentage of 21% and that leads to very very high scores. What I learned from this was I depend on my driver heavily. When it is finding fairways I can score much better. It also shows me when I do mishit driver I tend to miss it badly. I dont leave myself a shot at a par very often. This means I need to focus heavily on my driver. Thats just part of the analysis I can do with these stats.

Final Thoughts

The free handicap alone makes this app worth downloading. Add in a free GPS and its even better. Throw on top of that some advance stat tracking for $20 and I cant see why someone wouldnt want this app. Its worth the download for the Handicap alone but the other features make it even better.

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