Taylormade Milled Grind wedge

I got my hands on the Taylormade Milled Grind wedge a few weeks ago. I played a few rounds and had a few serious practice sessions with them. Im very excited to do my first  review with the new system


I got these clubs preowned. The 54 degree has a bright and very shiny chrome finish. The 60 on the other hand appears to have the antique finish but it was removed. I obviously cant count this against Taylormade.  The first thing I noticed on the wedge was how much glare the chrome wedge produced. I am not a big time glare affects me type of guy but the club was so bright it hurt at times to look down at the club. The darker antique finish probably fixes this issue.

The wedge looks great behind the ball. The top line isnt too thick.  I came from a set of Ping Glides and it is a different look. The Taylormade wedges seemed to be bigger. My clubs dont need to be razor thin so the look worked for me. The leading edge was a lot straighter on the Taylormade’s. This works into performance but I did like how it looked.

On the back side of the wedge was the Taylormade logo and the MG logo. I think it all comes together for a classic look. Not exactly something I would ever say about a Taylormade club but here we are. The most noticeable feature are the big mill marks on the sole of the club. This is something that seems to be making its way into a lot of club design and I like it.

Appearance: 8 I like everything about this club except that chrome finish. I would also love to see them release the raw version that is on tour


The fact the wedge was made out of Carbon Steel caught my attention. I am not one of those guys who says a forged club feels the best or a cast club feels terrible. In my experience though carbon steel feels softer than stainless. Since my Pings were stainless I was more than excited to get my hands on a carbon wedge.  After a couple of practice shots I realized that the club didnt feel any better than my Pings. It was disappointing. That is not to say it felt bad it just didnt feel “soft” like I expected. The sound was a little clicky but nothing that was unbearable

Feel: 17 It felt fine. It wasnt bad but it didnt blow my mind.  The sound was too clicky. Sound affects feel and in this case the clicky sound hurt the soft feeling


Since I dont hit many full shots with my wedges greenside performance is where I need a wedge to shine. I bought a low bounce 54 so I could be aggressive on full shits while keeping greenside versatility. The 60 degree is the club I use the most around the greens. I like it to have a high bounce so I can use it in bunkers with ease. After a few rounds and practice sessions I have to say I made the right choices. Around the greens I get the performance I expect out of my wedges. On chips I am very aggressive. I expect the ball to bounce then slowly roll towards the hole. That shot requires a lot of spin. The milled grind produced more than enough spin to have a repeatable result.  The club was able to get through greenside rough and easily pop the ball out.

On full swings the 54 degree performs great. The low bounce grind allowed me to go after the ball with confidence. I took the wedges to a simulator and was able to dial in my wedges. Out on the course the numbers I got were easily repeatable. The consistency in yardage really boosts confidence. I can pull my wedge and know a full 54* wedge is going 85 yards.  The wedge was very easy to line up and felt very point and shoot.  My range has a net in the middle that isnt very large. I always challenge myself to knock it in the net. The Taylormade wedge got me closer than ever

The wedge is great but its not perfect. The wedges dont produce as much spin on full shots as some others. It could be a me issue but it didnt have the spin I expected on a full shot.

Performance: 60  The club performed like I wanted. I had to take 5 points off for the lack of full swing spin but the accuracy and greenside ability make it up.

Final Thoughts

The Taylormade Milled Grind  is a great option if you are in the market for wedges. I would avoid the chrome finish and look at the antique finish. If you hit full shots with your wedges and really depend on back up the ball 10 feet to knock it close this may not be the wedge for you.  Overall its a great club. I dont have many complaints. The complaints I do have can be fixed in the next version easily

Looks: 8/10

Feel: 17/25

Performance 60/65

Overall 85/100


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