SuperStroke S Tech

I hadnt planned on a review of these grips this early on. It was going great early on. I enjoyed everything about these grips. The colors were great and the feel was great.

A sign of trouble

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the grips were feeling a little slick. A couple of quick wipes with a damp towel and they seemed to regain their tackiness. It was great. I made a note to write up how quickly they got slick but I was going to give them credit for being easy cleaning. They did a great job of holding up to the humidity and not getting slick in damp hands.

You cant be serious!

It was June 10th when I had the grips installed. I couldnt get over how awesome they looked on the Hogans. I wasnt thrilled about having to get new grips because I really liked the No1 grips I had on them before. Those grips came on a preowned set of shafts but still lasted me a year.  I spent 2 weeks deciding on a grip. I had it down to 2 grips and I decided to go with the S- Tech.

Today I reached my breaking point with the grips. On my 8 iron I noticed the grip felt a little weird. I looked down at my glove to see if it had torn. There wasnt anything weird on the glove. When I looked at the grip, I was amazed that the grip had already started to show some major wear. It was shocking . It hadnt even been 2 months and the grips had a big wear spot right under my thumb.  I understand grips wear out. Honestly I do. I dont expect them to last years. I know they wont. Grips should be able to handle my meager practice and playing schedule. I only practice twice a week and hit around 50 balls. Hell the last 2 weeks Ive been under the weather and havent been out much. Its absurd. I expected better from a brand like Superstroke. If this isnt a one off they should remove these grips from the market.

Very Disappointing

At this point I have to give the grips a failing grade. I would be upset if a cheap knock off grip didnt last 2 months let alone a major manufacturers grip.

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