So much to catch up on

Well I have been crazy busy but I have found sometime today to really catch you up on everything weve missed.


New Titleist Irons

The biggest news in my eyes is the official release of the 718 irons. I wrote about them a while ago when they leaked out on tour. They have updated the AP1, AP2, MB, and CB.  Titleist also introduced the AP3. It is a nice cross between the AP1 and AP2. Fans get the forgiveness of the AP1 in a smaller package. It seems the trend lately has been to move to a hollow body iron. The AP3 irons have a hollow body and are reinforced behind the face. This helps generate ball speed and will increase distance.  My biggest question was if the AP3 was going to be forged and sadly it doesnt appear it will be. A forged AP1 would be awesome.

Taylormade releases 2 new iron sets

Taylormade had to jump on the hollow iron craze themselves. The company released the P-790 irons. They are a hollow iron with some goop or something behind the face to soften the feel. I saw them in store today and I will admit they are one  pretty iron. I havent got to hit it yet but I am excited to. The biggest news to come out in regards to the p-790 irons is that PXG has sued them for infringing a bunch of patents that Bob Parsons owns. It will be very interesting to see if these ever make it to the shelves now.

Taylormade didnt just release a nice compact players iron, they also released a new Super Game Improvement iron. The first thing I noticed was that I had seen them before. The new M CGB iron looks just like the r7 CGB they released around the time I started playing golf.  I wish I could say they were the same but the new one does have some new technology like face slots. Hopefully they have fixed the face slots. They had a tendency to cave in and needed replacing. They took a year off of the face slots and it feels like they got it fixed if they are willing to put it back on irons.

Callaway joins the premium market

Callaway decided to take out two birds with one stone. The biggest trend is to jump into the super premium price range. The senior market is one that will also be targeted heavily this year. Callaway announced the Epic Star. It has all the technology of Epic. Nothing new except the loft and price tag are higher.

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