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My continued search for inexpensive urethane golf balls has led me to the MG C4. You have probably never heard of this golf ball but it is fairly well known in some circles. The ball retails for 19.99 a dozen.  Shipping is 4.00. Since they are based in Dallas I ended up having to pay sales tax as well. It ended up cost me about 30 dollars a dozen. I tried asking to pick up my order and avoid shipping but they didnt allow it. I cant help but really comparing these to my two favorite balls the Chromesoft and the Gamer Tour.


I like my golf ball softer than most. What I consider perfect many would consider way too soft. This eliminates the Pro V1 and many other tour balls. Thats why I really enjoy the Chromesoft. The MG C4 is too firm for my taste. It feels closer to the Pro V1x. If you enjoy that feel its great but for me its too firm. Off the wedge the ball was very clicky. That goes along with the firm feel I talked about earlier.  Off the wedges it was more of the same.  Harder feel with a noticeable click on impact. Again not my cup of tea, but if the ProV1x is more of your style it will feel great. Off the driver the feel was interesting. The firm feel made the ball sound like it was exploding off the face. I understood exactly why they named it C4. It wasnt bad. It was actually very enjoyable. Its not as bad as old Pinnacles and Top- Flites but its not anywhere close to what I like. Since I have hit worse it gets a 10/25


This one is tought for a golf ball because its hard to screw up a golf ball. Its white, its round, it fits within the rules of golf. With all of that being said there are a few things that can be discussed. First off the biggest complaint that is discussed online is the logo. After getting the ball in hand, the logo is a little large. Its nothing that would prevent me from purchasing the ball but it is bigger than Id like. It also looks like a cheap logo. The ball also got dirty really fast. I wasnt able to clean the grass stains off very easily and neither could the ball washer. There are worse things in the world and neither really affect playability. They also offer a nice looking yellow option. For the multiple options it gains some points but the logo and the inability of the ball to get clean knock it down a few ticks 8/10


The first place I take any golf ball is to the short game area. The difference in spin between urethane golf balls isnt vastly different but I know what I like.  On chips I like the ball to hit and roll a tiny bit and on longer pitches a hop and stop is how I play it. The C4 performed just as I expect from a urethane ball. A nice hop skip on pitches and on chips it came out hot and slowed down on the green.  The next step is to take the ball out on the course. Off the tee the ball flew a little lower than my Chromesoft and Top Flite.  Overall the distance was the same as the other two. Off the irons the ball flew low and spun a little more. The ball came off low. and slowly rose  to its apex. That led me to believe the spin was higher. The other indicator was the ball being  about 8 feet from its pitch mark on the green. The ball was backing up all over the place. Im not a huge fan of this. I prefer the ball to check rather than release or back up. I had one I hit a little short of the pin and it backed up off the green. It looks badass but it wasnt exactly controllable. I enjoyed the lower flight of the ball. It can get windy here in Dallas and keeping it low is awesome. The greenside control was great as well. With that being said the spin it produced on approach shots was too much for me. Again some people may be used to that and really enjoy backing it up that much.   Considering all of those factors I have to score it a 50/65


At $20 a dozen plus a $4 flat shipping rate no matter how many you order the C4 is a good option.  It truly is a /cheaper version of the ProV1 or Prov1X. The value is there if you like a firmer spinnier ball than me.  It wont go in my bag but I can see how someone would love it especially for the price.

Feel- 10

Looks- 8

Performance- 50

Final Score -68

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