PXG hits the conforming list

On Monday we got a nice little treat on the USGA conforming clubs list. We got what appears to be a new driver from PXG. Its named the 0811XF. PXG has a set of irons named the 0811XF as well. This is the more forgiving set of irons so I will assume the driver is going ot be Xtra Forgiving as well.

The creator of PXG ,Bob Parsons, is the founder of Godaddy.com and is also the owner of a couple of very prestigious country clubs. He is a very avid golfer. He said he was looking to see what engineers could develop if making money wasnt a big deal. This was very intriguing. He had no concerns with losing money. This was an awesome idea until he released his irons and we got a peek at the price. An entire set from Driver to putter will cost you a cool $5k. This driver doesnt have an official release date or price yet but I have to believe it wont get cheaper. I would venture to guess around $750

The cost doesnt even begin to talk about the performance. Everything I’m hearing isnt great on the performance of the PXG woods. It is good but not any better than anything else out there. I think when you are charging double what the competition is, I should see some significant performance gains. I wont ever play a PXG club because of the cost. Im sure they are great but I cant justify the cost.

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