PGA Merchandise Show Previews!

The blog heads to Florida for the PGA Show in just two short weeks. I have meetings planned with vendors every day and almost every hour in the mornings. I feel I have a nice mix of popular products and brands while also giving you a look at some very unique products and vendors you may not expect. Over the next two weeks I plan on going in detail the vendors I am meeting with and the products they will be bringing to the show.


It all starts with demo day on Tuesday. Every manufacturer you can think of sets up a booth and allows people to see and hit their new gear.  Various vendors will also have their staffers come out and put on a display.

On Tuesday I have 2 meetings set up. The first is with Foresight Sports. They make the launch monitors that are used at PGA Superstore and Golf Galaxy. I hope to get some information on their personal launch monitor as well as see some of the things they are bringing to the market to help fit players better.

After I meet with Foresight I will walk over and meet with the market leader in grips, Golf Pride. Last year they came out with the MCC Align grip and they usually debut something fun and cool at the show!


This is the first day the show moves indoors to the convention center. This is where you will find some really cool displays. This was the day we found out Tiger was headed to Taylormade. Big news can come out of here so I will make sure I have my ears open.

I start my day off though talking to EZ GO. You may recognize that name as the leader in golf carts. While I dont own one myself or plan on getting one soon I do think it will be interesting to see what kind of technology they will be bringing to their fleet lines. This will affect what we see week end and week out at our local courses

After I finish with EZ GO, I will make my way to see Blast Motion. Blast Motion makes wearable technology to help your golf swing. It tracks your tempo and helps you fine tune your swing. I cant wait to see what they have in store for their sensors and how coaches and students can use this info.

My final meeting on Wednesday has me meeting with a PR agency named Buffalo Agency. They represent 16 different companies including Ecco, PGA Value Guide, and Arccos.  When Buffalo Agency reached out to me I was a little surprised. It is refreshing to be able to knock out all these companies in one swoop. Thye have some great apparel companies and I cant wait to speak with them.


It starts again with Evolve Golf. These are the makers of the Epoch golf tee you have seen on the course before. Always a solid option for a golf tee. They also make some cool looking divot tools and socks apparently.

The next vendor is my most unique meeting. Its with a company named Canoos. If you like Sperrys youre going ot love Canoos. They make Boat shoe golf shoes. Fairly interesting concept.

As someone based in Texas my next meeting with Brrr is an exciting one. Brrr makes clothing that helps keep you cool. It will be fun to see new materials and see if they can keep me cool. Thats always the struggle in Texas.

My final meeting on Thursday is with Bolle eyewear. They make premium eyewear including some lenses that work best on the golf course. Should be fun to try these out and see if it truly does make a difference. Maybe try to understand the technology in sunglasses and how they can help on the course!


I wont lie this may be the meeting I am most looking forward to. When I saw this brand at my local course and have been interested since. I start the day with Jack Grace. They have a unique take on the golf shoe

I think a big way to improve is knowing distances to greens. We have technology that can tell you how fa rit is to bunkers,greens, water etc. We should take advantage of that technology! I set up a meeting with one of the leaders in Golf GPS, Golf Buddy.  It will be very exciting to see what they are releasing to help you have the same advantages PGA Pros do.

The last meeting I have is with a company that is trying to change the golf ball. They are creating a golf ball with a chip in it as well as making golf balls with metal centers. They have some radical ideas and it will be interesting ot speak with a company trying so hard to help golfers.

Wrapping Up

This is just who I currently have scheduled. I will obviously be walking around the show and taking a look at all the major manufacturers like Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, and Cobra. Expect a ton of pictures on all my social media platforms as well as a daily write up on the cool stuff I saw. Let me know how I can make the coverage even better! What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below and Ill make sure I get it covered.


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