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One of the biggest trends on both tour and with recreational golfers has been a move towards the Superstroke style no taper putter grips. I see the benefit of these but honestly they dont feel right to me. I know its probably the fact I am not good at putting but Ill go ahead and blame the grip. With that being said, I have finally found a putter I like a lot and have been trying different grips.  The latest grip I am trying is the P2 Grip

P2 Technology

Outside of Superstroke there hasnt been much in the way of development of the putter grip. Its been the same thing for years. Rubber with a taper. Winn came out with a soft grip but other than that there hasnt been anything. We see improvement in inserts, face shapes , and alignment but the grip could use some work. I like the idea of a larger grip but I also like some taper.

In walks the P2. The technology in the P2 is something I had never seen before.  Most grips have the shaft of the club go in the middle of the grip. The P2 changes this traditional thinking. They put it on the bottom of the grip and build the grip around it. This allows the wrists to be more online with the shaft.  For someone who is short with long arms like myself its a constant struggle to find a putter with a flat enough lie. The placement of the hands on the grip makes the putter feel a little flatter.

What are the products

There are 4 major lines and 8 total grips. Every line comes in a tour and a non tour version. The Tour version is a little lighter. The non tour version is a little heavier to kind of promote a counter balance feel.

The first is the Aware. It is the smallest P2 grip. Its a pistol style grip that reminds me a lot of the Scotty Pistolero grip

The next line is the Classic.  It looks a lot like the Aware but just a little bigger. The front and sides are flat and designed to really fill up the palms of the hands.

P2 moves away from the flat sides and moves into a rounded grip. The React is oversized  and has minimal taper. This is a great opportunity to get that Superstroke feel while having the P2 technology. Its a way for golfers to have the best of both worlds.

If youre wanting a massive oversized no taper grip the Reflex will be the option.  Its like the React but bigger.  The biggest difference is 11 CM in depth. Same shape overall.


Does it work?

I mentioned in a previous article that at a show of over 2000 vendors, a product had to be something special for me to purchase it. When I walked by the booth I spoke with the owner and creator and didnt think much of it. It seemed cool but a little gimmicky. I walked back by on Friday when things were a little slower and found one of the non tour versions on a Nike Method and made 5 straight.  I tried the same grip on a different putter. 4 straight went in. $20 later I had one of the Aware grips in my backpack. I came home on Sunday and it was on my putter a few hours later.  A few days later I took it to the First Tee and another one of the volunteers took it and liked it a lot. She asked if it was legal because it felt like cheating. I told her as far as I knew it was. Later I found out she was actually a LPGA tour winner. The next week I didnt have my putter with me and the first thing she asked was ‘Where’s your putter?”.

The P2 putter grip can be bought through Pro Impact Golf in the US. The non tour version retails for $30 and the Tour Version is $35.



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