OnCore Golf

OnCore golf is a golf ball company you may not have heard of but trust me you will soon. They may have shown up in the ads you are shown. If the name doesnt sound familiar the idea of a hollow metal core golf ball might.

The Start

The company had to actually go get approval from, the USGA to make their metal core golf ball a reality. They truly believed this was a new idea that could change the golf ball. It as supposed to provide stability by creating some perimeter weighting. Think of a cavity back iron. You take the mass out of the middle by making the core hollow and move it to the outside. It really stabilizes things.

The Future

Currently OnCore has sort of moved away from their metal core in their “tour” ball. They have moved to a more traditional core. They seem to still have the perimeter weighting concept going but just got rid of the core. It will be interesting to see why this technology they worked to get approved is suddenly not good enough.

The other big technology I hope to talk to them about is the GENiUS golf ball. Have you ever thought “Why dont they put a damn chip in the ball so we can always find it?” Well if you have, OnCore thought the same thing. The difference between you and them though is they actually did something about it! The new GENiUS ball is very exciting. I cant wait to get down to the nitty gritty and see exactly how they see this changing golf.

I cant wait to meet these guys. The innovation they are bringing to golf is eye opening. I waited to schedule them last so I could really sit down and appreciate what they are doing. I hope to really get an idea of what this company is doing and how they can change up the game!

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