Not so fast my friend!

I was super excited for this week. It was going to be the return of my golfing idol. Tiger Woods was coming back after 14 months off. I was very excited. I had the date circled on my sports watching calendar. I was ready to write about how great this was going to be. That was until I saw Tiger tweet he wouldnt be playing.

It was heartbreak. I couldnt believe it. I instantly had to rearrange my sports weekend. Honestly this week I didnt expect a 10 under performance and a top 10 finish but I was excited to get Tiger back. He said after a great week at Hazeltine (USA! USA! USA!) he didnt believe his game was up to it. I can understand that especially from a guy who expects to play at a certain level. That doesnt mean I am not upset but I get it.

Here is to Tiger getting it right and giving us a few more weekends of vintage Tiger. The man has won a major on one leg. If he can get back to 50% of that its going ot be exciting. Here’s to Tiger and golf in general!

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Based out of Dallas TX, Robert has a year round golf season which can severely cut down the time he spends with his wife and two (Fur) kids, Dobby and Molly.

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