A nice day on the links

I had some vacation time that expired at the end of the month and rather than lose it I decided to take a couple of half days so I could go play golf. I hit the course and I have to say I played pretty well.

A great day for golf

The weather was perfect. High 80’s with a ton of cloud cover.  I know you probably dont want to hear shot by shot analysis of my round. I will say I set a record for most birdies at 6. On the other side I had about 4 double bogeys. I ended up shooting a 9 over 81. Thats right 6 birdies and I shot 9 over. Looking over the scorecard I counted 4 double bogeys.  That certaintly doesnt help. As I go through some stats I had either 2 things happen. I missed the fairway or I hit it into the sand. I guess it is time to actually work in the practice bunker. I always say “Why practice in the bunker? Ill just not hit it there”. Well looks like I was wrong and it hurt me today.

So close!

I do have to mention one shot I hit today. On a 133 yard par 3, I grabbed my PW and needed to hit a nice smooth cut into the green. I took my swing and right off the club I liked it. It tracked towards the hole perfectly. I saw it land just left of the flag and take a hop to the right. The guy in front of me goes “Oh My God! What a shot!” I drove up to the green and he told me the ball landed left of the hole and literally hopped over the hole.  I saw my ball about 3 feet right of the hole. It is the closest I have ever been to a hole in one.

The Course

I also have to mention the beautiful course I played today. I make the trek down south to Tangle Ridge golf course in Grand Prairie TX. Having grown up about 10 minutes from this course, I remember my dad playing it as a kid.  This was my second time playing the course. The course was in great shape. It helped that I was basically following the maintenance crew on the first four holes. I had freshly cut rough and fairways! The greens rolled true. The best part of the course was the fact the carts had chargers for your phone! One of my favorite things is when a course forces you to use every club in the bag. Tangle Ridge forced me to use just about every club. I hit driver and 3 wood off tee boxes. I had some holes where it was driver then 4 iron and others were driver and a half wedge. The par 3’s made me use different clubs as well. The course really made me think. The prime example of the course making me think was the par 4 6th hole. It is a driveable par 4. The risky play is driver off the tee. The next risky play was hybrid. If I went hybrid I brought a bunker into play. The 3rd play was 3 wood over the bunker. A bad shot put me in the bunker to the right but I still had a good angle into the green. The final and most safe option was to take a 6 iron and lay up between the bunker and water. I decided on 3 wood. I crushed it. The ball went flying right where I aimed. When I drove down to the green I was about 15 yards off the green. Looking back I should have hit driver. That being said. A hole that had me thinking of 4 different options is a fun hole.

Some more ball testing

Finally, I got to test out my 2 ball test sleeve of the TP5 from Taylormade. I hate to say this but its damn good.  Good low ball flight. It was a good 3-5 yards further than anything else. It also helped around the greens as well. I plan on putting it through more testing so be on the look out for that!

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