New Titleist irons make it to the tour!

Its been around 18 months since Titleist released their 716 series irons. Sticking to their 2 year release cycle it was assumed the new irons would make their way to the PGA Tour around this time. Everyone expected the irons to show up on this week and lo and behold here they are! Ian Poluter showed some sneak peaks this past Friday but this week is the “official” debut.

Details are pretty light so far but we are able to make some assumptions based on what we are seeing.


The Titleist game improvement line doesnt look to add too much more technology. It has finally dropped most of the red from previous models. the only red you will see is on the 1. IT does look like they managed to slim it down a little. I am sure it will be a great GI Iron


After years of rumors the AP3 is finally here. Based on the pictures it seems to be a nice combo of the AP1 and AP2. It looks to have a large amount of forgiveness while keeping a slim profile. The big question will be if it is forged or not.


Honestly this has been the crown jewel of the Titleist iron lineup. It is used by Spieth and many many other staffers.  There is no way they improved these better than what they had. It was generally regarded as one of if not the best players cavity back irons. I got to say it looks like the C16 is making its way to the retail market


This is the weirdest iron set in the whole Titleist line. Its a hollow iron that looks a little like a blade. It has tungsten on the sole to really lower the COG and make the ball fly higher. The 716 set looked terrible. It was a weird copper brown color on the bottom where the tungsten was. They have greatly improved the look by making the tungsten black. I have only seen these used as a long iron replacement. Id like to try a 9 iron in this and see how they play


Honestly I havent seen much change in this over the 716. If I am being honest I dont really see the need for this set. The AP2 seems to fill the Players Cavity Back. It looks good but again I dont see the point.


A ton of the best players in the world still play blades so Titleist is going ot give them blades. If you were questioning what they look like, they look like blades.  Not much technology here. People will say they feel the best. Its tough for me to argue but something about hitting it 10 yards shorter and it hurting when I mishit it isnt fun.

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