More Website Changes

If you are a consistent reader of the site you will probably notice the site looks a little different today than it did a few days ago. I have had some folks reach out and give me feed back on the design. I decided to do something about their feedback and change the way it looks. I personally really like the way it looks. The large pictures on the front page really tempt you to read them. I hope you like it and I love feedback on it. If it sucks let me know. After all you read it.

The other big change coming to the website is one that will effect the content. I have gone back and read some of my past reviews and honestly they felt a little wishy washy and didnt give a great view of what I thought of the product. The site needs to have a concrete metric to base the clubs on.  To combat this, I have decided to overhaul the review system on the site.  I will now be giving a number grade to every thing I review. In my mind there are 3 things that help me decide if I like a club. Does it look good? Does it feel good? Does it perform? With performance obviously the most important. So with that in mind lets take a look at the new criteria.


Do I like the way the product feels? If its a golf ball, does it feel right? Does it make a pleasant noise off the club face? For a club, do I like the way it feels in the swing? Is it a firm or soft feeling? These can change from one person to another. What I like you may not like. You may not find these true for yourself but it is important. This category will be worth 25 points.


Does it look right? This is another category where my preferences might not line up with yours. I may be ok with something you are not ok with.  You may hate the Truvis on a golf ball where as I might actually like it. After a while I hope you see my tastes and my descriptions allow you to determine what will work for you. I am a big proponent of playing what works no matter what it looks like. Since this is such a subjective topic I am making this topic worth 10 points.


I will be doing this in a few ways. The first one will be comparing it vs my everyday driver on Foresight at my local PGA Super Store. Its where I am able to get my hands on all the new stuff plus be able to rent out a hitting bay. I will post pictures of the shots and stats. If a company sends me their product to test I will make sure to get it out on the course as well.  Since performance trumps everything the performance category is worth 65 points


The new design and new performance metrics will truly help take the blog and podcast into a new era. Trust me when I say big things are coming up in the next 6 months. I cant wait to show them off!

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