Mizuno MP-18 Irons

On my most recent trip to the PGA Superstore I got hands on the new Mizuno MP-18 line. I got to hit all 3 models with  Nippon Modus Tour 120.


The blade has a classic look. It has the thin top line better players like but it wasnt too intimidating. I was expecting to look down and see a butter knife but I was surprised. The blade didnt look like a JPX EZ iron but it wasnt razor thin. I hit 5 shots and came away impressed. It wasnt as hard to hit as I thought. When hit perfectly you wont find anything that feels better.  The problem is when you dont hit it well. It hurts like hell. The ball launched low and produced some good spin numbers.

The Mizuno  demo iron is a 6 iron. I normally hit my  iron 170 yards. A perfectly struck shot with the MP 18 went 170. It didnt add yards. The big problem is when I mishit my irons the shot goes 165. The mishit with the MP 18 goes 160. They also wernt the easiet clubs to hit straight. I know its usually the golfer not the club but a cut turned into a slice and a draw turned into a hook. The distance and accuracy loss is expected with a blade. To be fair, I’m not exactly the guy for the blade market.

MP 18 SC

Going into the testing i thought these would probably be my favorite. After 2 swings I knew they were going to be my favorite. The ball flew high and straight.  Well struck shots felt like the blade. Mishits didnt hurt as much but they also did a good job of letting you know you didnt hit it perfectly. I was able to tell where I mishit it. A few times I knew I was hitting it off the toe and the ball marks on the face confirmed it.

Again the demo was a 6 iron and well hit shots traveled a whopping 173 on average.  The mishit is where this club truly shined. On mishits I lost fewer than 5 yards. The club was very workable. When I wanted to hit a cut I was able to do that .When I wanted to hit a draw I was able to do that as well. Workability can affect (effect?) forgiveness but that wasnt the case here.


You may recall from this post that MMC stands for Multi Material Composition. To many Mizuno purists putting anything other than carbon steel in an MP iron is like wearing a black belt with brown shoes. It shouldnt ever be done.  If anyone feels that way I  challenge them to go hit the MP 18 MMC.  The MMC keeps the traditional MP feel that people are used to.  Where it really shines is in its ability to hit the ball high, straight, and with a ton of spin. The 6 iron didnt hit the ball noticeably further than my current clubs but they did launch higher. Mishits flew high and straight as well. If you think youre not good enough for an MP club but want that soft Mizuno feel, the MMC may be what you want.

Final Thoughts

The MP 18 line has taken an already great series of clubs and made it better. My favorite feature is the care Mizuno has taken to make sure you can set these up as a combo set. They all feel the same. They all look the same and with the different heights you get between the clubs it allows you to play with that as well.  I would probably play a 4 and 5 iron in the MMC with a SC 6-PW.  Between the MP 18 and the JPX 900 lines, getting the world famous Mizuno softnesss in a forgiving package shouldnt be difficult.

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