Lets Talk Mizuno

Its once again the dog days of summer. The time of year where everyone takes a few weeks or hell even a few months off. This rings true for our friends on the equipment world as well.

Its new wedge time!

That’s true for everyone except Mizuno. 2 weeks ago we got the official word that Mizuno was releasing their new MP-18 irons. I was so excited I dedicated almost an entire podcast to them. The day after the podcast hit the “airwaves” Mizuno decided to surprise us with some new wedges. The S18 wedge is a step forward for Mizuno. The most obvious change is in the design of the wedge.  Like most Mizuno products, the past few years have seen a very “aggressive” aesthetic from Mizuno. Mizuno clearly decided to go back to its classic conservative approach. The S18 is no different. They toned down some of the lines, making the club look cleaner.

Under the hood their have been some tweaks, the biggest of all being the use of boron.  Mizuno says it doesnt affect the feel and makes the club stronger. The biggest benefit you will see is in the longevity of the wedge. Its nice when a company wants you to use their stuff longer.  Experts tell you to replace wedges every year but that can get expensive so its nice to see a company want a club to last longer.

New Mizuno Driver?

Later in the week an interesting picture popped up on instagram. It looked to be a Mizuno driver.  It looked a lot like a JPX driver. The person who first spotted this is based in Singapore. We know that the Asian market gets clubs that we here in the states dont so it may not be a US release. With that being said I still wanted to bring it up. When first looking at it you cant help but notice the beautiful blue crown.  Its is a nice signature color and in person it looks great. I really hope that this driver fixed the sound issues in their last release. The driver performed very well but it was louder than anything else I hit. I normally say I can get over sound but that may have been the exception to the rule.

The other noticeable part of the club is all the crazy adjustment possibilities. Its going to take a damn slide rule and compass to figure out how to get it situated.  I think there are 4 ways to adjust that thing. Its going to be very confusing. We have learned over the years that when you change  loft you change face angle. Then were going to have sliding weights to adjust for face angle. Then a weight to adjust launch then one to help with spin. Finally, one to help with cooking dinner. It can all be too much.

Overall its been a good week if you’re a fan of Mizuno. In the last 2 weeks you have gotten new irons, wedges,and drivers.  When these hit the shelves Ill be sure to give them a swing and let you know what I think!

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