Lets preview the final 6 months of 2016

We just finished the half way point of the year and we had some awesome equipment stories but I am really excited to see what the rest of the year brings us.  Lets go through what we will see in the next 6 months.

New Ping G400 series

Rumors are floating online that next Monday the new Ping G400 irons and woods will be available for preorder. The woods have shown up on tour so we have seen them in hand.  The irons have not shown up officially but a few pictures have leaked out!

Titleist 918 irons

I previewed these a few weeks ago.  We have seen a bunch of pictures but details have been limited. I cant wait to get my hands on them and hit them. They look good and are really going to impress some people.

New Vokey Wedges

I havent seen anything announced or rumored but it feels like the Vokey line is up for a refresh. They just released a limited line of copper plated wedges. They are beautiful and I would love it if they offered some different grinds in that finish.

New Taylormade Irons

When Rory signed with Taylormade he got his own Prototype iron. Its gorgeous. Justin Rose just put his Protos on social media. They look the same except Justin’s are Chrome where as Rorys were a satin finish. I am curious to see if thes emake it to retail or if it will be a tour only special.

The Steelhead line

Callway is releasing the Steelhead line with some modern upgrades. They released Steelhead irons. They are releasing the Fairway wood. I can imagine some people are hoping for a new version of the driver. To be fair they did release it with the V-series but I dont think they advertised it properly.  They also released the Bertha mini 1.5. It is close to the Steelhead driver. If they would release the Bertha Mini 1.5 as a Steelhead mini driver and changed the sole a little bit they would have a real winner!

The Taylormade Sale

Lets see what Taylormade does. Will we see their new driver before the year ends? How will the new ownership affect the release cycle. Will they continue to play conservative or will the new owners re-release the reigns a little?

End of the Year Surprise

Every year we get a surprise. Last year it was the single length revolution.  What will it be this year? What will happen on tour that will cause all of us to rush out and try it for ourselves?  This year has been the year of the spider. Taylormade won all types of tournaments with the new red Spider putter.  I see the putter trend continuing. Someone is going to release a putter everyone goes crazy for.


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