Jack Grace and Bolle Eyewear

Lets start day 2 of these previews.  Today I talk Jack Grace Golf Shoes and Bolle Eyewear! These are some really cool products and meeting them will be awesome

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Jack Grace

I first came across Jack Grace on Instagram. When I saw their products I couldnt help but be impressed by the innovation they were showing. The idea of Jack Grace shoes is that the customer buys one pair of shoes and changes the saddles and laces based on the outfits they choose. By my count they offer 39 different saddles in different colors and designs including  a few collegiate options.  I was intrigued.

There was a man on the practice green with some great looking shoes. There wasnt a makers mark to be seen. I wanted to know who made these awesome shoes. I told him that I liked his shoes and he said ” I saw them on instagram and thought they were cool. They are called Jack Grace” At that point I knew I had to see them at the show.

I love companies who make good looking products. I also love companies that are not afraid to try new stuff. Seeing a company have an idea and then execute that idea in a great package is great. Cant wait to see how they came up with the idea.

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Bolle Eyewear

Bolle eyewear is a premium eyewear company that does sports sunglasses. I normally dont get too excited for sunglasses because I am wildly irresponsible when it comes to sunglasses. What catches my attention with Bolle is the fact they offer a golf specific lens. It may not seem like much but the glasses can help

At my eye exam I was showing a little sun damage. This is probably because I grew up playing baseball and as an adult took up golf which is also played outdoors. This prompted me to try and wear sunglasses a little more. Sunglasses can hurt your golf game. There is sometimes a break in your vision. The other issue is reading breaks on greens. Sure taking off the glasses is an option but then your eyes will adjust while trying to put.  The idea of a golf lens that allows someone to really see the breaks while keeping their glasses on is great. I know Oakley has been doing this for a while. I tried those lenses at the LPGA event and liked how the greens were still readable. The biggest issue I had with them was the fact everything was REALLY pink.

Final Thoughts

Overall it should be exciting to see these two companies. I think Jack Grace has some great ideas and would love a pair.  Bolle has some good looking sunglasses and hopefully the golf lenses live up to the hype. Finding a pair of glasses that work on course is like searching for a unicorn. If these pull off the feat they will have a real winner!

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