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SKLZ Perfect Plane

A few months ago I decided to grab a new training aid. As I have said many times before my putting is terrible so I decided I needed a putting aid. I was walking around PGA Superstore when I saw this gem.

The SKLZ Perfect Plane is a putting aid that teaches you the correct stroke path, proper acceleration, and how to square the club face. It has 8 tee holes drilled where you put tees so that you practice going from tee to tee. This helps ingrain the correct back swing and follow through. It gives you a tactile feed back when you hit the tees. It also is a hard plastic so when you putter is on it you can hear it as well.

When I pulled this out of the box it wasnt hard to figure out. There were no pieces to put together. There was only the training aid and some tees. The first thing I noticed was the size. It was by no means tiny. It was long and wide. Were talking probably 18 inches long and a good 8 or 9 inches wide. I wish it were a bit smaller. If it cant be smaller for training purposes maybe make it collapsible. There was no way I was putting this in my bag and taking it with me to practice. This leads to my next point. Its pretty heavy. Im not saying it weighs 15 pounds or anything but between the size and weight it wasnt something I could bring to the practice green as an afterthought. I would have had to actively think about it to bring it with me.  I wish it would have been smaller or collapsible.

With all of that said I can see how this may help some people. If I felt my stroke was off just a little I could grab it and put my putter on it. If I could hear the scraping noise I knew the putter was on plane. I cant say it transformed my putting though. I tried using it but didnt feel different. Putts wernt rolling better. Using it also just proved to be a pain in the ass. Making sure the ball was the right distance from the board and in the middle was too much. If I used the board it was usually with out a ball. I took it to the putting green after a couple of range sessions. This showed the problems with this product again. I had to take my bag back to the car, grab my putter, grab the board, walk back to the green, set it up and then finally practice. Again if I could fold this up and put it in my bag it would be 100X better. The portability problem led me to hardly use it. I tried using it on my putting carpet but when you used it with the tees it would move. If it had some way for me to attach it to my putting carpet it would have worked. Maybe some velcro?

All in all its a quality build. The plastic is thick and heavy. It feels very durable. The problem with that is it makes it very big and heavy. The lack of portability makes it a pain to use on a putting green. The fact you cant bolt it down when its not on a grass surface makes it hard to use indoors as well.  It wasnt the product for me but that doesnt mean it was bad. If you are not concerned with the portability or are more willing to use it, it is a solid putting plane.

The Martini Tee

It’s product review time!!!!! Today I will be reviewing the Martini Tee. This product has been around since 2008.Its an American company that is based in Michigan. They have created a special resin that is “virtually unbreakable”.They say virtually unbreakable because anything can happen. I have used these tees for 6 months and I think that’s plenty of time to give you a great review.



As I stated above, I have been using these tees for 6 months now. The big point i want to make is the fact I have been using the same 3 tees for 6 months. That’s right I have been using 3 tees for 6 months. I have been to the range twice a week and try to get out once a month. These things are indestructible. I saw these when I was working at Dick’s Sporting Goods and wanted to give them a try. One of the things I never had before this was tees.l I hate buying them and always forgot about them. This led me to buying a bunch of 50 cent and 1 dollar bags of tees at the course. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones by the register for slackers like me.Another big thing for me is the size. I like that they are extra long and built for a larger driver.This is a great selling point. Also in regards to the size they are also very thick. It is very difficult to not see it after a drive. I tend to go out to the range when it is dark out. Anyone who has been to a lighted range will tell you it can be difficult to see things outside of the bright area. I have never lost a tee out on the range. They are thick and big enough for me to see it even when the lighting isn’t great. Another thing that helps is the colors you can get them in. I have red grips,red head covers, red ball markers, and now red tees. They offer them in almost any color you can think of too. From bright yellow to white and anything in between.Since they are a little thicker I have also found it much easier to push the tee into the hard Texas ground. I also enjoy the fact the special resin doesn’t mark up the bottom of my golf club. I recently teed up a ball with a white wood tee and the bottom of my club had a giant mark across the bottom of it. As far as performance goes I have enjoyed a more consistent tee height. The Martini Tee website promises performance gains in terms of distance. I haven’t really seen any performance gains but if I am being honest I also was not looking for it. I do not believe a tee can give me an extra 10 yards. I have never ever really bought the hype most plastic tees provide.


This tee has two major cons. The first being the cost of these tees. For a 5 pack of these tees you are looking at $6.50 plus shipping. I bought these when I needed some extra money to get me to free shipping on Amazon. (yes, I have a Prime account. The item I needed didn’t qualify) I had wanted to try these and decided to give it a go. Like I said they are steep. Another problem I have found is they go into the ground easy but then stop pretty quickly as well. I cant really use these on a Par 3. This is a little annoying. One thing I will give Martini credit for is the fact they have come out with a 2 inch tee for this very problem.



I know these tees can be expensive. 8 bucks for 5 tees is crazy. I also want you to think about the amount of tees you have broken the past 6 months. Also think about how much you have spent on tees in the last 6 months. In that time I have lost 0 tees and have broken 0 tees. This product is worth it. It may sound crazy but this has actually helped me enjoy the game more. I no longer have to stop at the store to grab tees or burn a dollar at the register. I also only have to carry 3 tees. This saves me a ton of space in the golf bag. This may very well be one of the few times where marketing materials speak the truth. Go buy these tees. They provide great consistency and they are truly unbreakable.

Final Score: 95