A fun day at the PGA Superstore

When Ping formally announced the Ping G400 yesterday that meant they were hitting stores yesterday as well.  Today I was able to go to the store and actually hit them.

A smaller head

The first thing I noticed was how small the club head was. Ping is known for making big drivers. They are always 460cc and they always feel a lot bigger. This driver is different. The head maxes out at 445cc. It looks smaller and feels smaller. Ping manages to keep the drivers high MOI to give you that forgiveness PING prides its self on while putting it in a smaller package. Overall the driver looks great.The orange isnt bright or anything. It is almost a copper color. There is a lot of visible technology on the head but not any more than the G did. As busy as the crown is it isnt distracting. They did a much better job of integrating the technology and making it look good. The coolest part of the clubs appearance has to be the stock Alta shaft.  It changes color. When you look at the club from the side it is an orange/ copper color.  Put it in the address position and it turns black. To put it simply its really cool.

Does it perform?

As far as performance goes it performed like a PING driver.  I have never got along with PING drivers and this one is no different.  I slice PING driver off the earth. It could be the counterbalanced shaft or something. Either way I hit my 913 better. I love PING products except the drivers. One way they improved the club was with the sound. The G was a loud and ugly sounding driver. The G400 produces a beautiful thud on impact. Its a huge improvement. If the sound is what kept you from buying the G try the G400.

The Irons

I got to take a look at the G400 irons and compare them to the other PING irons. Sadly I didnt get to hit them. They looked good. The black rubber wasnt as obnoxious as I thought it may be. Overall it looked like a G series iron. Not massive but certainly not a small low offset club.

The Callaway Steelhead

A few weeks ago I also wrote about the Steelhead XR Fairway wood. Today as I was walking out I saw they had some demos.  They look incredible in person. The demos still had the wrappers on them but I asked if I could hit the 3 wood and off went the wrapper.  I topped my first shot with the club.  It wasnt the best start. Once I got used to it I began to hit it the same distance as the drivers. Thats right a 3 wood going as far as 2 drivers. I had a small chuckle and decided to grab the 3+. Holy mother of god. I was hitting 255 easy which was about 5 yards further than the drivers. When I pushed it I topped out at 270. I had better launch angle and spin than the drivers while maintaning ball speed. In some cases my ball speed was higher than the drivers. I couldnt believe it. I had to come home and tell the wife that we needed to make sure we had some money set aside for a new 3 wood.