Couple of Site Updates

I know I have been away for a week and a half or so. I honestly havent been golfing in a few weeks. The wife was out of town and things get a little crazy around the house when she is gone. In my downtime I have decided to make some changes to the site.

The biggest and most obvious change is the website design. I was feeling that the old site design was a little amateurish. I really like this new page. It feels cleaner. I love the fact the pictures are bigger. The black is makes the pictures pop. Its not perfect but I truly believe it works. Id love your feedback on the redesign.

Secondly, this blog was a continuation of my last blog The Quest For Scratch. That blog focused on golf all around and I honestly wanted this blog to be Equipment only. After looking through my most viewed posts the stories that got the most response were the ones that truly focused on me and had a nice personal touch to it. In the following weeks I hope to add some more of that to the blog. I will still post stories about equipment when it breaks. Also dont worry that this will become a blog that is all about what I had for breakfast that morning.

Third, the podcast is kicking up very soon. I have a couple of cool things lined up. I cant wait to share it with you.