The last few weeks in equipment

The past few weeks have been crazy in my house. Between getting a new roommate (Hey Christian!) and going to Houston for my wifes 10 year graduation reunion there hasnt been much time to get in front of a computer. It has also seen some cool stuff come out on tour and in various other places.

Was it EPIC?

The EPIC irons we saw some spy pictures of a while ago became official. We got some prettier pictures as well as some pricing and even more details as to what makes these irons truly EPIC.  The first thing I noticed about these irons was the price tag. These irons will set you back $2000 for a set of 8. Thats where they start. They can get higher with custom shafts and grips. They are going after the PXG market. No one took Bob Parsons seriously with his high priced clubs but they are clearly making an impact. If you are anything like me you are expecting some great technology for $2000. The first thing you get is a modified version of the Jailbreak Technology. They reinforce the face with metal rods connecting the sole to the crown. Callaway says it is can produce faster ball speeds which as we all know is the key to more distance. They also use Carbon Fiber to save weight. This allows them to move weight around to lower the COG and make it out towards the toe on the longer irons. Most amateur golfers hit the ball out on the toe with long irons so having the COG there will produce higher and longer shots. As the irons get shorter they move the COG back towards the middle and raise it as well. The produces lower more penetrating ball flights while also increasing spin.

I wonder who this is for?

This week on the USGA conforming list a new driver appeared. It is a left handed Callaway driver.The driver is an Epic Driver named the PM 440. The regular Epic is 460cc. Phil has always preferred a smaller headed driver and it looks like Callaway was able to do it for him. This gives Phil the benefits of the Jailbreak Technology while also giving him the head shape he prefers. I wouldnt really expect this one to be at your local golf store. There are some other 440’s on tour but again dont expect it at retail

Monkey See; Monkey Do

Over the last year the Taylormade Spider has been one of the most popular putters on tour. In typical Taylormade fashion they painted it bright red so you had no choice but to know it was a Taylormade putter. They did the same thing with their white drivers but I digress. Well, Odyssey decided to hop on the train and make their newest line, the O Works , bright red. It looks identical to the Spider putter from Taylormade. There is a chance it may be the exact same paint. I dont understand how it isnt. It is the exact same color. I guess they want to confuse people who see the Spider and think it is an Odyssey

The Super Game Improvement Hybrid

Cobra released their King OS Hybrid. It is a sort of odd release though. The King LTD is Cobra’s most player oriented driver and this hybrid has all of the same features. It has a textured crown, a lower CG, and the MyFly hosel. All of these things are put into the design to help you hit the ball further.  You can purchase these in a mixed set where you get the hybrids in the long irons and the short irons will be King OS irons.

The sun never sets on the Cameron Empire

A while back Scotty Cameron released the Cameron and Crown line. It was designed for women and people who prefer smaller putters. I think they wanted to start with some basic designs to see if they worked and based on the fact they are expanding the line we can say it has been successful. This new releases are going to be the Newport, Futura 6, Futura 5MB, and the Mallet 1. If you like your putter at 33 inches, give it a chance.