Building the perfect bag

So for the last couple of weeks i have been discussing wedges with a guy at work. Its been fun giving him some advice on what something is worth as well as the actual set up of his bag. This made me realize doing a piece on how to build a bag would be beneficial. Lets go through the bag and Ill tell you my thoughts on what you should look for

Let start with the top of the bag:

Driver- For me I want something I can hit as far as possible while still having a little bit of control. A lot of people think they want to hit it low to maximize their roll.  This doesnt provide you with the maximum distance possible. Obviously you dont want to be hitting the ball too high either. There is a nice middle ground. Dont be afraid to loft up. No one cares what loft you hit. They really dont care if you are hitting it further than they are.

3 Wood- For a three wood I like something I can hit off the fairway and off the tee box. This is going to be the club when things start going bad with your driver and you need to find a fairway. With the low loft of a three wood elevating it off the ground can be hard for some folks. This is why I prefer having a high launch and high spin shaft in my 3 wood. Also if you cant hit a 3 wood well or get it off the ground try a 4 wood. No shame in it!

Now this is where you begin to have some options. If you like Fairway woods go ahead and add a 5 wood here. I think 5 woods look like the ball is going to go straight in the air. I just feel a pop up coming on. Because of this I opted for a low lofted hybrid. If you have a hatred with Hybrids and Fairway woods you can even go with a iron here.

I chose the loft I did because it matched the gapping of my irons. You need to decide which will be your longest iron. Most set will go to a 4 iron. Some 4 irons are really hard to hit so you may opt to go 4 hybrid in stead of 4 iron. The biggest thing with this club is to make sure you are making every yardage reachable. IF your 3 wood hits it 195 and you longest iron hits it 165 you will need to find clubs to fill in the gap between 165 and 195. Find a club that goes 175 and one that goes 185. You just covered any yardage you may need.

Irons-  Grab a set that you like and hit well. I really dont offer much in the way of a suggestion. Remember distance isnt the end all be all. Dont grab a set because one set the 7 iron goes 150 but in the other the 7 iron only goes 145. As long as your yardages are covered you will be fine.

Wedges- At this point grab your pitching wedge or gap wedge and check out the loft of it (You can find this out online). Most gap wedges are around 48-50 degrees. Conventional wisdom tells you to do 3-6 degrees between wedges. I personally do 4 but again the biggest thing is to make sure you have everything 100 yards and in covered. A 60 degree wedge is generally the highest some people go but my highest is a 58. I found I hit the 60 straight up and it went no where.

Putter- Get something that feels good and looks good to you. There are 100s of head shapes,lengths, finishes, insert,and weights. Find the one you like.


At this point you should have 14 clubs in your bag and everything from about 215 yards and in should be covered. If you want an example Ill tell you my bag

Driver- 9.5 degree 250 yrds

3 Wood- 14.5 degree 225 yrds

3 Hybrid- 18 degree 215 yrds

4-PW- 22,26,30,34,38,42,46 degree  205-125 yrds

Gap Wedge- 50 degree 110 yrds

Sand Wedge- 54 degree 95 yrds

Lob Wedge 58 degree 75 yrds

Remember the most important thing is to make sure you can cover every yardage. You also want to make sure you dont have 2 clubs that go the same distance. My hybrid and 4 iron can get fairly close distance wise but I use them for different reasons. The bag is very personal dont be afraid to make it your own. If you want 5 wedges and no 3 wood feel free. This is just how to build a basic bag. Have fun with it!