Pictures from The Byron Nelson

What a day! I decided to take the day off and head over to Las Colinas for the Byron Nelson practice rounds. I decided to go out on a Tuesday so I could bring you some awesome pictures. They allow cameras on Tuesday so I knew i was going to get some interesting shots. I got there about 9 and left around 12:30. I saw a fair amount of golfers and a fair amount of equipment. Ill do my top 5 most interesting pictures then Ill post the rest.

5) I like this one because it shows you how small the putting and practice area actually is. When I see other galleries online I imagine these courses have these huge practice areas.

4) I couldnt believe I saw a Nike Tour Truck. If this isnt for clubs it is MASSIVE for a bunch of clothes.

3) First off, thats a ton of grips! Second, I want those Titleist chairs

2) Wait. Is that a Scottsdale? Oh My God it is!

  1. DA Points caught me the most off guard. He had i5’s. Thats right the i5’s from 2006. Its honestly amazing. Ping must be making him some custom ones with conforming grooves. Its incredible.