What a week

Man this was a crazy week in the golf equipment world. We had a huge sale, a new sponsorship ,and a new Mizuno iron spotted on the USGA conforming list. It was such a big week we missed covering some other fairly big news.

Titleist had some news come across the wire this week. A couple of their staffers were seen hitting a new Prototype iron. We havent seen any pictures or even seen it up close but the rumors are saying it is a new blade. It would be about that time. They release them every two years and the calendar would say it is that time. We literally have zero details but it is something to be on the look out for.

They also released some pink printed balls for Mothers Day. Ya know because moms like pink and shit. Hell I dont know. Pink stuff used to be about breast cancer but now its a ploy to get people to think you support breast cancer without having to give anything to a charity.  People will buy these because “Real men wear Pink”. Just remember when you buy a pro v1 with a pink number it doesnt do anything for research or anything else. It doesnt even honor a woman in your life with like a name or anything. Its literally just a pink effing number. You cant even put any number you want because they only offer it 1-4. Apparently a 2 digit pink number will kill the machine or something.

Im guessing after this I wont be getting anything to review from Titleist. Oh well.