Taylormade is Sold

Yesterday Rory signed with Taylormade and one of the problems I saw was with Nike having all of the Taylormade Golfers when Taylormade was owned by Adidas. Well today we found out the solution to the problem. Taylormade has been sold to a firm named KPS Capital Partners.

The deal was for $425 million half of it in cold hard cash. When I heard they were having a hard time unloading the company I sent an email offering like $25 tops. I never did hear back. Guess this explains why. In all seriousness it is great to see it finally sold. Rumors were swirling that they were going to take a big loss on the deal and have to sell for around $125 million. Its intriguing to know if the reigns are going to be taken off Taylormade now.

This year seemed to be a fairly conservative one for Taylormade. They didn’t seem to make a huge sweeping market changing driver this year. They didn’t do that with the irons either. They essential repackaged the M2 Tour Iron and just rebadged it as the M1. The marketing also didn’t seem to smack you in the face like in years past either. It really seems as if the money was cut off to them. I don’t want them to go full on Taylormade in 2011-2014 but I do want them to have some of their guts back. During that time they truly did do a lot of innovation. The RBZ changed 3 woods. The R1 was one of the first drivers to truly realize low spin high launch was the key to long drives. Don’t forget Taylormade was also the first of the major manufacturers to really embrace adjustability. Hopefully they pump some money back into the R&D.

I will also be on the look out to see if the Taylormade Staffers who wore Adidas still wear Adidas or another brand. As they have shown Nike isn’t scared to pump some money into people. I could also see Puma getting in on the action. They probably want that person to play Cobra clubs but who knows. ¬†Also be on the lookout for Under Armour. They are centered on Spieth but they could really diversify their staff line up.

No ground shattering news has come out of the headquarters yet but any time the second largest golf company is sold its a big deal. What happens in the future no one knows but it will be fun to watch