Another big Tuesday

It was a fun day in the golf world. We started out with some club news and ended with a huge bombshell on the pGA tour equipment side.

A few days ago PXG released a teaser photo. All it had was some milled lines,the PXG logo and the date 5.9.2017. Well today was the day and they showed us a fully milled line of wedges. What this means is a wedge with the tightest tolerances on the market. It provides a level of precision no one else can offer. The club is made from super soft 8620 carbon steel. One of the craziest thing about this club is the fact it takes 4 and a half hours to produce one wedge. Vokeys are known for their different grinds and PXG has come out with different models as well. First is the “Sugar Daddy” which is the same one Lydia Ko is playing. The “Romeo” is a high bounce option inspired by Ryan Moore. The Zulu is inspired by Zach Johnson and looks to be a low bounce option. and Finally we have “The Darkness” which is inspired by the owner Bob Parsons. It is a larger wedge for a little more forgiveness. All of the wedges look great but like most things that have to do with PXG these wedges are expensive. If you want one its going to run you…wait for it… $650. Thats right you can get a new set of irons OR a wedge. It can be up to you. It blows my mind to see people pay for PXG equipment. I have hit the irons and I will say they were incredible. They feel great and look great but holy cow. The prices PXG charges are crazy. Even if I had the money I cant imagine I would be able to justify that. Id rather buy 5 of my Pings

Then all of a sudden Rory posted a picture on instagram. It appeared to be him with a full bag of Taylormade clubs. Then he posted the next picture and it confirmed he is now a Taylormade Staffer. It was confirmed to be a full 14 club deal. Everything through the putter including ball will be Taylormade. The press release said the putter but his current WITB is showing the Odyssey prototype he had. The most interesting thing was the irons. They are known as the Rors Proto and good lord are they pretty.

I mean look at those things. All the shiny chrome, the sweet milled area on the back ,and how simple the entire thing looks. It all comes together to make an absolutely gorgeous iron. I cant wait to see if these ever make it to retail. I hope they do just so I can see them in person.

It is interesting to see Taylormade get the two biggest Nike guys considering they are owned by Adidas. Im sure Adidas isnt super excited to have their staffers wearing Nike clothing. It now has 3 of Taylormades 5 biggest staffers. It will be a weird dynamic until Taylormade is sold. Some people are saying Taylormade will be bought by Nike but that wouldnt make much sense considering Nike just got out of the club business.

Well like I said it was a fun Tuesday! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Hunting for Birdies and Twitter @hnting4birdies. Thanks!