What do we have here?

Mondays is when the new USGA conforming list comes out. All clubs must be on this list to be used in competition. Most weeks its boring but this week we had a little bit of a surprise. We saw some new irons from Mizuno. They are known as the MP-18 SC.

We dont know much about these so far. It looks like a split cavity design leading me to believe SC stands for split cavity. Most Mizuno clubs are forged and this one is no different. It looks like they moved away from the Boron they had been promoting for the past year or so. IT always felt like a marketing gimmick and maybe they have come to their better senses. They also have a matching blade available. All around it is a good looking line up. Mizuno usually brings it and this year looks to be no different. They already hit a home run with the JPX 900 Tours this year it looks like they may do it with the MP-18 line as well.

In addition to the irons they also had some wedges pop up.The new ones will be called the S18. If I am being honest the Mizuno wedges I played were my favorite besides my current Glides. Honestly if I didnt get a deal on the Glides I would probably have some Mizuno wedges in the bag.  I may have to convince the wife I need some next year.

A man can hope Mizuno needs a reviewer right?