First Impressions Q Star Tour

This past weekend while waiting on my wife to perform with her chorus, I decided to head over to the new by PGA Superstore and take a look around. While I was checking in to use a hitting bay something caught my attention. Srixon was selling a 6 pack of their newest golf ball.


During the PGA Merchandise Show, Srixon revealed a new Urethane Golf Ball aimed at the everyday golfer. It had a mid level price point. I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. This has me written all over it. I had been waiting ever since they announced it. Well I saw the 6 pack and instantly bought it.

I had to sit on them for a few days before I could get out on the chipping and putting green. After my first session I came away pretty impressed. The spin generated with this ball off the wedge is incredible so far. I took it out with th elast 2 balls I reviewed and it spun more than the Top Flite and just about if not more than the Chrome Soft. Despite having a lower compression than the Top Flite and only 10 less than the Chrome Soft it felt much harder. This is a bad thing OR a good thing. Its just a thing. Take it how youd like. The putting green was no different it rolled true and straight. It was very consistent. The feel again was harder than the others in my mind.

I finally got it out on the course for a few holes. I havent played enough to do a full review yet but with the irons so far the ball is flying well. The ball is hitting the green and stopping pretty close to its landing spot. If youve rea dmy last reviews you know this is what I go for.

I cant wait to get these on the course more and do a nice full in depth review. After that be on the look out for a nice “Battle of the Balls” Competition between the 3 brands I have reviewed!