New Irons From Callaway?

On GolfWrx a rumor started that Callaway was going to release a new set of irons. They were going to match the design and the name of the newest Callaway driver. Rumors were flying that these irons were going to have a tour version as well.

Well a few days ago our first pictures popped up on the site. It certainly looks nice. Its really hard to tell much about it but we get to see the back and the address position. Lets take a look at some of the things we see in the picture.

First thing I notice is the fact this is the pro version. Does this mean there will be a non pro version? The second thing I saw was how little green there is. One complaint a lot of people had was how much of a role the bright green played in the design. These irons have some green but its not as bright. Its very subdued. In the second pic we get the address position. Overall it looks like a nice players CB. Rumors say it will be forged. Kind of hard to imagine it will be with all of that stuff in the cavity. They do a good job of making it look compact while also giving you some confidence when you set it down. Wait is that an Epic Hybrid headcover? It is! Looks like we need to get some pictures of those next!

So far we dont know any stock shaft options or pricing. There have been some rumors that they are going to want to compete with PXG and get a high price tag. SOme were saying as much as $1500. This would elimainate them for me. Im sorry but I dont see how you can add $1500 dollars worth of improvement to my irons. Technology has improved but I dont see $1500 dollars when there are plenty of options for less.

My other confusion is where this falls in the Callaway iron line up. They already have the Apex and Apex pro as better player irons. The Steelhead and Steelhead Pro are the GI irons and Id have to say the Big Bertha irons are the SGI irons. They seem to have everything covered. Do these fall between the Steelhead and the Apex? They are lacking a true blade but these dont fit that bill. I guess time will tell.