Volunteers of America Texas Shootout

At the DFW Golf Show one of the giveaways was a ticket to the LPGA tournament event held at Las Colinas Country Club I went 2 years ago and had a great time. I figured I would do it again this year.

I had some stuff going on Saturday so I decided to go out on Sunday. Well really bad weather moved through the DFW area Saturday night. ( Side note: Please consider donating to relief efforts in Canton. My personal favorite is UMCOR. They are the official recovery arm of the United Methodist Church. When a big disaster happens UMCOR and Red Cross are the two groups there. ) Behind those storms came 20 degree lower temperatures and very heavy winds. I still wanted to go out and watch some of the action. Since the club has very limited parking you have to shuttle over from down the freeway. When we arrived I saw some of the women out on the range. Lets just say it was very impressive. I have been to all 3 tours (PGA,LPGA, Champions) and I will say the sound the ball made off some of the womens clubs was incredible. It wasnt as loud as the mens but it blew the old guys out of the park. I could have sat on the range and watched them hit balls for hours. Since I got there so late they were finishing their warm ups. I walked over to the 9 green and watched about 3 groups. With the very strong winds it was clearly a struggle out there for the women. As I moved on from the 9th green I walked by the putting green and saw some players hitting some putts. I noticed something interesting. Almost every putt they hit looked like ti was going to be 10 ft short. Then it kept rolling, and rolling, and rolling. It would stop within a foot of the hole or in the cup. It was incredible. I guess that is what getting a true roll on a putt looks like.

I decided to finally make my way to the 18th green grandstands. The 18th is a reachable Par 5. I knew it would be fun to see if someone laid up or went for the green. Most players went for the green and missed. These ladies had the wind at their backs and just couldnt get the ball to stop. They were able to show off their short games. They got some game let me tell you.  If you arent watching the LPGA tour you are missing out.

I had been out on the course for about 3 hours when I decided I was a little chilly and wanted to go home to do some laundry. I hopped onto the shuttle and went back to the car. I got home and decided to turn on the tournament to see who wins. I watch as Christie Kerr battles the conditions and gets within one shot of the lead. HAru Nomura gets to the 17th and double bogeys it. Kerr is playing 18 and suddenly has the lead. Nomura plays 18 and ends up sending it to a playoff. About 2 hours later the playoff ends after 6 playoff holes. The ladies traded pars for 5 holes and Nomura finally pulled away with a birdie

All I can say is that if you are given the opportunity to attend an LPGA event you have to take it. It was a ton of fun. With better weather I probably would have stayed the whole time. They had a couple of cool vendors as well. The official car of the LPGA tour is KIA and the KIA trailer was fun. Trust me it was well worth the price of admission.