Top Flite Gamer Tour

Yesterday I reviewed the Chrome Soft. I really like the ball but at the same time I also struggle paying $40 for a dozen balls. I am always looking for a mid priced urethane ball. I loved the E5 from Bridgestone. It could be found for about $25 a dozen. Well this year Bridgestone decided to make a terrible decision and cut the E5 in favor of a new version of the E6. Ever since then I have been looking for an inexpensive urethane ball. Well at Golf Galaxy I found the Top Flite Gamer Tour. Its a Urethane covered golf ball and at $35 for 2 dozen I had to take a chance.


The sound off the putter with this ball is slightly clickier than the Chrome Soft. The Chrome Soft may be too quiet for some folks. The Top Flite is great if you want some noise but without a click this is a good option. The most important aspect of feel is the sound. This is a great feeling ball as well. It isnt as soft as I like but it is still a great feeling ball. The ball rolled true and consistent.


I was very curious on how this ball would perform around the green. The price of this ball had me believing that this was going to under perform especially compared to the Chrome Soft and the V1x. It did everything I threw at it and it performed admirably. I could have it run out or stop on a dime. Trajectory was easy to control. I could hit it high or low and do either one with any amount of spin. I made a couple chips as well. The ball had a nice click when struck with the wedge. It was another middle ground between the V1x and the Chrome Soft. So far on the putting green and chipping green it was a solid ball.


No surprises with the ball. It flew on a nice high flight. It landed soft as well. Again I am not a big fan of the ball tha lands and zips back 15 feet. The Gamer Tour was within 1-3 feet of its ball mark every time. I couldnt believe it. I also loved the sound the ball made off my irons. It was a nice moosh. I could always tell when I hit it well. It made that beautiful noise and flew out quick. It was addicting. It didnt sound and feel like most budget balls. I didnt really gain or lose much distance with the ball.


This was my favorite part of this ball. The ball had a piercing trajectory. I played in heavy wind and it cut right through it. Hitting into the wind the ball can balloon. This can making a cut a slice or make you hit the ball 200 yards. With this ball it never did that. In fact one of the best drives of my life came with this ball. No wind behind me and a tight fairway. I ripped the drive. After walking to my ball the guy I was playing with asked me “Is that your ball?” I said yes and all he said was “Holy Shit”. I pulled out my range finder and tried to shoot the tee box marker. The range finder read 318. I didnt believe it. I shot it again. 318. I shook my head and continued on. I took the ball out with the Chrome Soft and Pro V1x. It continually out drove the Pro V1x by 10 yards. The Chrome Soft and the Gamer Tour were neck to neck. The Gamer Tour would beat it occasionaly by 5 yards. The gamer tour though was noticeably straighter than the Chrome Soft. The sound off the driver was solid. It was loud but not ear blistering loud. I loved it.


I couldnt believe how great this ball performed for the price. At 2 dozen for $35 you cant beat this ball. I have been trying to find some negatives to put in this review but I really am struggling. The durability isnt as good as the Chrome Soft but its nothing I can be concerned about.  The only real negative I can think of is the packaging. It is so frustrating. I couldnt get the damn sleeves out of the box. I was having to stick my whole hand into the box but was still struggling. They are in there snug. I destroyed the boxes to just get them out. You can see it in my pictures. In the end it doesnt matter. If you are like me and want an inexpensive Urethane ball I think we have found it.