Callaway Chrome Soft 2017

One of my favorite golf balls on the market is the Callaway Supersoft. I love how soft it feels and also the actual performance of the ball. The only thing that is missing is the urethane cover. Whenever I would play it all I could say was “This would be perfect if it had a urethane cover”. The solution to my problem was the Callaway Chrome Soft. Normally $40 for a dozen golf balls is out of the question but I got these as a package with a nice discount golf book. I will be reviewing the 2017 model with the Truvis (Soccer ball) pattern.



The first thing I have always been told to do with a new golf ball is see how it feels off the putter. I took these out to the putting green and gave it a go. The first thing that I noticed was the Truvis pattern. It does make the ball look like a soccer ball. Its a unique look. I can see how some would find it distracting but to me it was kind of cool. After a couple of strokes I noticed a few things. First thing I noticed was how quiet it was. I dont like a clicky sound when I putt. I prefer a much more muted sound so right away I like the ball. Now when talking about the sound feel comes next. This ball is very soft. It is very mushy feeling. I know this is all in my head but you can almost feel the ball compress on the putter face. Again I really liked how this felt. I also felt the ball rolled true and consistent. I didnt feel the ball flew off the face or died too early.


The most important part of a golf ball to me is the greenside control. The part of my game I could use some help on is hitting Greens In Regulation. Chips and short pitches are something I work a lot on. My philosophy is if you are going to miss greens be able to get up and down for par. I threw this ball down with 2 other brands. One a Top Flite Gamer Tour (review tomorrow) and a Pro V1X. I hit a bunch of chips with each ball and the Callaway performed the best out of any of them. When I would want it to run out, the ball would run out. When I would want it to check up it would check up as well. Anything you could want in greenside performance from a golf ball is present.


With the irons the ball flew on a nice mid height flight. The same softness was present. I hit all of my irons the same distance as any other ball I have played. I took all 3 of the balls I mentioned earlier out on the course and it performed up to par with the Pro V1X and the Gamer Tour. Im not a player who likes to have the ball zip back 15 feet. I want the ball to hop and stop. This ball was never far from its pitch mark. Another plus mark for this golf ball.


This is where I may have a few issues with the ball. The ball was extremely soft off the driver. I didnt lose any distance but the ball didnt fly exactly how I like it. In my opinion it flew just a little too high. I also seemed to have a problem with this ball staying straight. Now I fully admit that is partly the result of the Indian. But I do question if because the ball spun more. I also have to question if the higher ball flight cause the ball to be in the air longer if it gives it more time to make a right or left handed turn. With that being said it killed the Pro V1X in distance. Im talking 5-10 yards. Thats the difference between a 7 or 8 iron.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something that feels soft but gives you that nice tour urethance cover then this is going to be a great ball for you. If youre the type of guy who doesnt care what kind of ball he plays and just needs something cheap then you may not buy this one. Are these better than other tour level balls? In my opnion, yes. Its my new favorite tour ball. Is it worth $40? Absolutely.