Stitch Leather Headcovers

I think the thing that makes a bag look bad ass is the head covers. I always wanted a cool set of head covers. I asked my wife to make me some, I tried to make my own, and I had asked one of my wife’s friends to do it. I could never get it done. About 5 months ago Stitch offered up a grab bag. I bought 6 leather head covers for 50 dollars. You didn’t get to select what you got. You got what they gave you.

Through some trading I managed to get a color combo I wanted. My initial thoughts on the head covers was how good they looked. The colors popped and looked great. The other thing that caught my attention was how solid they seemed. The seams were very thick as well. The next thing I wanted to check was how well they fit on the clubs. The driver fits perfectly. Its snug but not overly difficult to use on the course. Nothing is worse than the guy who sits on the tee box trying to put his head cover back on but can’t figure it out. The 3 wood and Hybrid cover honestly fit a little loose for my liking. They stay on but it isn’t nearly as snug as the driver one which I would prefer. Maybe if I played a bigger 3 wood and hybrid it would fit better but I don’t. The most important part is the fact they don’t fall off. I can deal with it being loose.

Besides looking awesome the head cover functions as a means of protection. They protect the driver head from dings and scratches but they also protect the shaft from damage. A head cover that is too short doesn’t protect the shaft and a head cover that is too long clogs up the bag and can look sloppy. These¬†are perfect. They hit right at the top of the bag . No other clubs can hit the shaft and that’s exactly what I wanted. They look good and they do their job perfectly.

After 5 months of them protecting my clubs I want to talk about how they have held up. Stitch uses leather for their head covers and they do not skimp on it. Sometimes with very cheap leather it has a plastic feel to it. These do not have that feeling. They haven’t lost that soft feeling in the past months and they feel like they are just breaking in. It reminds me of a nice baseball glove. They have some small scrapes but it looks like worn in leather not damage. I honestly feel these will be with me for a long time. One thing is the fact they need to be cleaned .The problem is I have no idea how to clean them. I’ll take suggestions if you got ’em I don’t see any stitches that could pop. The stitches that could pop are all covered by some very thick piping. Sometimes you pay a little bit extra for something you know will last you forever. This is one of those situations.

Essentially they look great, do their job perfectly, and have a good build. The quality is there. They are worth every penny. Especially if you get in on their grab bag deal. I don’t normally advocate for spending money on something like this but I got to say this is an incredible product. If you are looking to give you bag a nice classic look with a quality product give the Stitch head covers a spin.