Are we getting new Odyssey Putters?

The PGA Tour is in San Antonio this week. This isnt anything crazy except for the fact that Golfwrx caught some new Odyssey putters. This included a 2w and something that looks a lot like the putter Rory is using. We also saw some new finishes for the Oworks putters. On some of these putters they have removed the Versa finish and gone to an all black finish. Lets look at some of the pieces that are really generating some buzz

The one that has been generating the most buzz is the “Rory Protoype”. This is the 3T. Its a smaller mallet with a white line down the middle. When Nike dropped clubs Rory ran back to his trusty Scotty. As soon as Callaway released these Oworks putters he dropped his safety blanket and immediately went to the new technology. I really like the look of the putter and really hope it comes to retail. I would like to see how I do with it. The Oworks putters do roll the ball well.

The 2w is another putter getting a lot of attention. It can be hard to tell the difference between an Odyssey 1 and Odyssey 2. The 1 model has rounder bumpers and softer lines than the 2. In the past they have taken the 1 model made it wider. This creates a higher MOI which prevents less twisting when you dont hit it in the middle of the face. For a couple of years people have been asking to get the sharper lines of the 2 model in the wide version. Looks like those people are getting their wish. I personally will skip out on this one. I am not a blade guy so this one isnt for me.

The final one catching my eye was the 2m CS. THis is a Triangular shaped putter head with a center shaft. Anyone who knows me knows i need all the help in the world when I have my putter in my hand. This looks to give quite a bit of forgiveness and stability. I have also found a love recently for center shafted putters. They really help me create a straight back and straight through swing. Plus who knows if the triangle could help me. I will literally try anything to help me on the green.

Now the question is if these will come to retail. I hope they do. I am excited to see how well they work and how well they sell. I constantly see huge inventories of Odyssey putters at my local stores so I am curious to see if stores bring in additional inventory or if this will become an almost custom only situation.