Some new club news!

On a random Wednesday we had some releases by club companies that we wernt really expecting. Cobra released a heritage line.That happens to match up with this weeks tournament the…RBC Heritage. The other big news came from the LPGA tour where world number one Lydia Ko has been showing off her new putter from PXG, the Bat Attack.

Lets unpack this news from Cobra. The heritage club is a new release of their F7 driver. Its the exact same driver except they have changed the paint to make the club look like a persimmon driver. I mean it looks as like a persimmon as much as a 460cc driver with moveable weights and adjustable hosel setting will allow. Some people will love this and think its the coolest thing ever. I like the blue version more but to each his own. At least it doesnt seem they are going to jack up the price for this special edition.  The part of this release that intrigues me the most though is the Puma clothing that came out with it. The hat isnt my cup of tea but give me the jacket, khakis, and those brown Ignite shoes. I would wear all of those no questions asked. Another interesting part of this release is how involved Bryson DeChambeau was in the release. There was no Fowler. All of the marketing materials were Bryson. He was at the PGA Superstore for the press conference. He seems to have a lot of influence on Cobra. It will be interesting to see how else he influences the company. He seems to have a completely different style than Rickie. Cobra has a lot of money invested in Rickie but lets see how much Bryson can sway the clothing and club design.

The Bat Attack

Another PXG release is official today. They have released a new putter based on Lydia Ko’s Bat Attack. As you may have guessed it is super expensive and it has a ton of screws. PXG prides it self on having the best R&D department. That makes this particular release interesting. They have essentially taken the Odyssey #7 model and made it shorter and squatier. There really doesnt seem to be anything super special about it. It looks stable but will it be worth the $550 price? Time will tell.


For a Wednesday it got fairly busy. I love days like today. Days where we dont expect anything but some one does something cool are exciting. Hopefully we see more of these mid release special editions.