The final brand in the series

In the last 2 posts I have talked about how searching for pre-owned clubs from Cobra and Cleveland can save you a ton of money. You will get a high quality club and save money at the same time!

Today, Im going to give you my own favorite brand to buy used.  That would be Adams. This is another company that created some good products but quickly put out a ton of bad products. The good products couldnt out run the bad. Adams truly became a product your beginners and hacks would use. They focused on boxed sets and super game improvement irons. This led to Adams stepping away from what made them great. What made Adams great was their hybrids. They revolutionized the hybrid. At one point almost every hybrid on tour was an Adams. They were that good. They moved away from players hybrids and started focusing on oversized high launching hybrids. Again they focused too much on the hacker and not enough on the player.

Throughout some of these years they did still create some awesome players clubs but didnt market it. They pushed their game improvement lines and let these great clubs fall to the wayside. Well for you that means a great value on what is regarded some of the best irons,hybrid,and woods ever. I can start with the Adams Pro Gold Forged Irons. From there we moved to the CB Series of irons. Thats the CB1, the CB2, and the CB3. It was a nice forged iron with a black finish. They feel incredible. The biggest problem that faces these irons is the black finish. If you pound a black club into the ground enough that black begins to fade and they look a lot more used than they are. Dont let that scare you away though. They are great. They hybrids are legendary. If you see any of them you should buy it if it is under 40 bucks. The drivers are also legendary. The Speedline line is great. They were low spin heads with a ton of forgiveness. One of my favorite drivers I have owned was my Adams Fast 12 LS. The post Taylormade purchase was great as well. The entire XTD line was amazing.

The list of Adams clubs I have owned is very large and the prices I have got them for is great.

Fast 12 LS-32.50

XTD (current driver)-$35

Speedline Super LS (Current 3 wood)- $22

Pro Black Hybrid (Played it for 3 years)- $1 at goodwill

Idea Tour Prototype Hybrid- $4 at goodwill. I sold it for 15 on eBay

Idea Pro Gold Tour Protoype (Current Hybrid)-$26

Yes! Putter- $4 at Goodwill. I sold it for 25 on eBay.

All I can say is I have walked the walk on these clubs. I have bought them and hell I currently use all Adams woods. They perform just as good as some of the current offerings. When I walked into demo day the Taylormade and Cobra guy saw my driver and both guys sighed. The Taylormade guy goes I dont think I can beat it. Sure enough he couldnt.

This wraps up the series on the brands to look out for when you are buying clubs preowned. I can attest to the value of these brands. I have put all of them in the bag. If it wernt for me getting the Hogan irons from mygolfspy I would currently be playing all Adams woods and Cleveland irons. I had a Cobra driver but it got beat out by the Adams XTD. If I come home having spent more than $100 dollars on a club I will have a lot of explaing to do. I stick with these brands and I tend to be pretty safe! Happy Hunting!