Lets continue this series!

Boy the end of the masters was a great one. Big props to Sergio for winning the tournament. It was awesome to see it go into extra holes. I watched every second of it. I love the Masters and it is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

My last post was about saving you some money. It was the first in my series of brands that you can buy on the preowned market for a low price. These brands don’t hold their value for some reason but they perform great. Last post was all about Cobra. This time we explore Cleveland.

The last two years all Cleveland irons and woods were changed to Srixon, their parent company. Srixon is a wildly popular club brand in the Japanese market . They decided to stop confusing people with their multiple names and put everything under one brand. Part of this was also the fact the Cleveland brand had some bad vibes. This is because if we are being honest Cleveland put out some real garbage golf clubs in the mid-2000’s to 2010’s. Despite putting out some very good golf clubs they could never rebound from the disaster that was the crap they put out. The CG Red and Yellow were widely known as failures. They didn’t feel good and didn’t perform well either. The HiBore driver performed well but it was very loud and a bunch of people wouldn’t buy it. The thing they were best known for,their wedges, became terrible too. The clubs had a cheap look to them and really turned off buyers.

As you know I wouldn’t suggest you go buy terrible clubs. This leads me to the resurgence of Cleveland Golf. In 2011 Cleveland started to make their comeback. The company released a new Launcher driver. They had 3 different weight classes so people could choose which felt best.The also released their best iron in years. The CG16 tour was a great looking and feeling club. Finding a set of these is tough to this day. People who hit them love them and don’t let them go. The next year was what I believe one of the best years a company has come out with. Everything they released that year was incredible. Most of it you can also get VERY cheap. The Cleveland Classic driver is a great low spinning head. Its got a DEEP face. I played it for a while. Its crazy though. This club can be had for around $50 in most places. I would put it up against anything out right now. That year they also released a set of irons that easily makes my top 3 iron sets ever. The Cleveland 588 CB. Its a players cavity back. It is everything you could look for in a golf club. Soft forged feel. Medium top line. Enough to give you some confidence but not too much where you think you will hit it sky high. I can usually find these right around the $200 mark. This is an incredible deal. If these had Titleist stamped on them they would still sell for $500 even after 4 years. If you want to make the move into a forged club without breaking the bank, this is a great choice. That year they also returned to their roots and brought back the 588 wedge. Yet again, this is another club that didnt hold its value but it has everything you could want. I could touch on their classic line of putters as well. They made a putter that if you didnt know any better you would pay $300. It can be found for $30-50. This isnt even mentioning the fact their NEW putters are incredible for the price. A putter that feels great with a quality grip can be yours for $99 brand new. It wont get you the looks that a soctty will but the ball doesnt know any better.

You need to know about Cleveland Golf. Go check them out. A word to the wise. Older Cleveland is good. The Tour Action irons are great but are a dime a dozen. They are regarded as one of the best ever. Old 588 wedges still hold up. As long as the grooves are ok I say play it. Generally speaking if it is a CG series club I avoid it unless it is the CG 16 Tour. Happy Hunting!