Costco Vs Titleist

So first off let me apologize for how much this blog has sucked over the last month. i have hardly had time for any golf. I took a new position in my company and between my wife and I we havent been at home together in the last 4 weekends. Its been crazy. Again I hope to be better. If all goes to plan I will put out a podcast before I go on vacation!


Now to get back to the good juicy golf news! Over the last 7-8 months the big golf ball news has been the Costco Kirkland Signature AKA the K-Sig. It was released for $15.00/dzn. When a price like that comes across it grabs some attention. Then when you say it is a urethane covered 4 piece ball ,It REALLY grabs attention. The K-Sig sold out within hours in most places. I tried to get some but I couldnt. From everything I read they were incredible. It was on par with any other tour ball. It grew into this huge thing. It actually became comical in some places.

A couple of websites did some digging and found out the K-Sig was a Euro golf ball named the Quattro. Essentially it was a bunch of overruns stamped with the K-Sig logo. When they were cut open they looked like every other tour ball. The big difference was price. At this point Titleist decided to go on the offensive. They started getting all their paid spokespeople to start dropping subtle hints that the K-Sig was an inferior ball. They started saying you didnt know the consistency between balls. One could be great another could be terrible. If you ever needed more proof that Titleist didnt want the the golf ball market shaken this was it.

We all know that Titleist makes a ton of money by claiming to be the number one ball on tour. They also pay a ton of money to get that title. They also throw a lot of money at the marketing of the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. Ill be honest it works. If I go to the course and I asked most people what golf ball they would play if money were no issue most would say the Pro V1. Now imagine if I told that same person they could get the same performance of the Pro V1 at $15.00/dzn. What would their reaction be? More than likely they would go buy those. If they were currently playing a Pro V1 they would probably cry then go buy the cheaper golf ball. No one blames Titleist for protecting their cash cow.

That led us to a few days ago. Titleist sued Costco for a couple of patent infringements. This is a great case of irony because for every Pro V1 Titleist sells they owe about a dollar to Bridgestone for… patent infringements (Notice how the cost of a dzn Pro V1 has gone up about 5 bucks?). The biggest part of the lawsuit is the part of the K-Sig agreement where they say “(The products) meet or exceed the quality standards of the leading nationals brands”. Titleist is using some data that shows the cover of the K-Sig gets torn up easier. Anyone who knows golf balls knows that just means a softer cover. There could be a performance reason for the softer cover. This isnt a quality issue. They seem to really be grasping for straws.

As full disclosure, I dont play the Pro V1. Its way too expensive. I have gotten better performance out of much less expensive golf balls. The Pro V1 and the Pro V1x is shorter by about 5 yards for me than other balls. If you like the Pro V1 more power to you.


Time for the DFW Golf Show!

It was a fun weekend for me. It was the Golf Show weekend here in Dallas. It isnt anything huge but it is a sort of the unofficial start to the golf season. We can play year round but this is around the time the weather gets better (Warmer) more consistently.

For the past month or so I have been getting targeted ads for a new putter company named Bradley Putters. The company is new and has been awarded best new product at the PGA Show. What makes these putters unique? They are made with wood. No fancy metals. No metal grooves for friction. They are beautiful well made putters. The owner, Brad, is a former military engineer. He knows the science behind the putter design. He believes your putter doesnt need fancy grooves or super titanium alloys. I got to roll a few putts with the putter and let me tell you. They feel incredible. It will be interesting to see how the company keeps growing. I hope they keep producing gorgeous putters and stay true to what they believe in.

Another great product I saw was the Putt-Skee. To put it simply, it is like a skee ball machine had a baby with a putting mat. In no way will this product make you a better putter. To me it is simply fun. I could have spent about 20 minutes playing with the product. It was really fun watching others use it as well. It would be a fun tailgate game. Especially because they will allow you to put a custom logo on it. The Putt-Skee guys also had some other cool products. One was the Putt-Skeep Puttcam. It is a wooden putting cup that has a little slot in the back that will allow you to put your phone in and video your putting stroke. Another great idea. Their products didnt feel cheap. In fact they were solid wood and seemed to be very well made.

The biggest disappointment of the weekend was a company named Medi’s Inc. As you may know from some past posts, I have been dealing with a bum shoulder. This company had a pack where you can put it in the fridge and it can be used as a cold pack. The other part that was really cool was you could click a button inside and it turned into a hot pack. Then you boil it and it would reset. My wife claims to have seen it before but I never had. Where the disappointment came was from the owner. This was one of the first booths I went to because everyone was hanging out in the front and I wanted to get out of the huge crowd. These packs were fairly large and I knew I had a long day of walking around. I didnt want to carry the damn thing around. If I wanted to swing a club or look at something I was going to have to put it down and possibly lose it. When I told the guy I was going to walk around and didnt want to carry it he goes ” Last year anytime someone said that they never came back. Im giving you a good deal.” I said well man Ill be back he said ” Well I know youre lying see you next year”. He lost a sale by being a huge asshole. I came home and looked up his company. I figured out this isnt something he invented its something readily available. Ill be buying them from literally anyone else.

Honestly it was worth the price of admission. They gave away a ton of free and discounted golf. I purchased an Avid Golfer Passbook. This gives me discounted golf at various courses throughout the year. They also give away a free year subscription to Golf Digest which is worth the price of admission by its self.