Its not something we talk about too much

There are soemthings we as guys just dont talk about very often.One of those things is what we wear as underwear. My wife and her friends talk about that and I can safely say I have never discussed that with a friend. To most guys its whatever we dont really care. I didnt at all. All I knew was I wanted boxer briefs. Well after using my regular cotton boxer briefs in 100 degree heat I would come home and just not feel great.

This is where the Under Armour Boxerjock comes into play. The Boxerjock is a pair of boxer briefs that uses Under Armour’s heat gear material to create a lightweight moisture wicking material. It also features some anti-odor technology as well. I liked all of these features and decided to invest in a couple of pairs.

I again ordered these online. They arrived in the mail and they were in their retail packaging. They are rolled up in the package and 3 fit in a fairly small box. I took them out and examined them pretty closely. First thing I noticed was how soft the material felt. I also noticed how “stretchy” the material was. I could tell I was going ot have a nice range of motion in these which was exactly what I wanted.

I put them up knowing I was going to play golf really soon. When I took them out it was around 90* and I put these on. Putting them on felt great. They were tight but not uncomfortable. They gave me a slight compression feel. This feel lasted throughout the round which is great. Normal cotton boxer briefs will stretch out throughout the round and end up feeling more like a boxer. A normal cotton boxer will get damp throughout a round and can cause chaffing and create some unwanted feelings down there. After 9 holes I went to use the restroom and noticed how dry the boxerjock was. After another 9 I drove home and didnt feel uncomfortable at all. Most of the time when I finish a round I need to go home and shower. There is no hope o fgoing out afterwards mainly because of how I feel underneath the shorts. With the boxerjock I have no problem going out afterwards. The moisuture isnt there. That leads to more comfort.

All I can say is the boxerjock has made a difference in my comfort during and after the round. GO pay the money for the boxerjock. I dont have much negative to say about it. If i had to choose something it would be how gaudy the waistband is. Its still comfortable. I cant tell you if the Boxerjock will be worth it to you but it is worth it to me.