Lets talk clothing

I dont know about you but I consider clothing a piece of equipment. If you are comfortable you will swing better and play better. The rest of this week I am dedicating my time to do some clothing reviews. Today we will start with a nice pair of Nike Flex Front Woven Short.

I ordered these online and waited patiently. I decided to go with the Steel Gray color because I felt they would go with any color I threw at it. When they showed up I pulled them out and felt the material right away. They felt soft and light which was exactly what I wanted. The other thing I noticed was how good the material looked. The color was nice and vibrant. I wouldnt say bright because they are a dark color. They managed to pull all of this off without the shorts looking “shiny”. A lot of times the moisture wicking material requires it to have a shine.These shorts didnt really fall into that category and I appreciate it.

After looking at them the next move was to try them on. They fit true to size. I ordered my size and they didnt fit too small or too big. It was right on the number. I didnt want to get the tapered fit because those tend to run small and get a little too tight for my golf swing. These are also the shorts with the longer inseam. I am 5′ 7″ and these still hit right. I would imagine if you are a tall guy the shorter inseam may not be for you.

Next step was to see how these shorts perform on the course. I played a few rounds in them and so far I am pretty impressed. I am really able to move freely in these shorts. The material kept me dry and cool. My favorite part is the weight of these shorts. It almost felt like I was wearing nothing. That made some hotter days very bearable.

Not everything on these shorts is great though.My biggest complaint is how cheap the hardware on the shorts feels .The button feels like it could fall off at any point and the zipper doesnt feel to hearty. This could be to save some weight and keep them light but it doesnt feel like it will last. To be fair it has lasted a little while but it doesnt feel like quality. The rest of the shorts are great and feel first class I would just like a nicer zipper and button.

Overall these are good quality shorts that will look great and feel great. When you are looking for clothing to wear on the course its hard to ask for much more than that. I think they are expensive for what they are and there may be an option for less money but it is hard to argue with how nice the short is.