The Bridges Golf Course

It was a perfect weather weekend here in Dallas. 72 and partly cloudly. For the last 3 weeks it has been gorgeous during the day but it has been awful and rainy on the weekends. With this being a nice weekend it was time to go play a little bit of golf. The weekend led me an hour north of Dallas to a small town named Gunter. Knowing the course was going to be full and having to drive an hour each way I knew I was in for a long day. After discussing all my golf options with my wife I decided it was going to be worth it.

The course was designed by Jeffrey Bauer and the architect on the course was Fred Couples. Thats right, Fred Couples considers this a signature course. As a University of Houston grad having Fred Couples involved sold it even more to. I obviously had to wear my red polo in support of my fellow Houston Cougar. Jeffrey Bauer may not be a name as famous as some other designers but DFW golfers may recognize his work. He has designed some of the best courses here in the DFW area including Cowboys Golf Club and Indian Creek. Having those two great golf minds come together to put together a course is something all DFW golfers should be excited about.

The course is a true links style course with mounds in the middle of the fairway and plenty of bunkers. One of the things I like on a golf course is when you can really see the other golf holes on the course and this course actually does a very good job of hiding the other holes on the course. It is routed very well in that sense. Courses sometimes get fit into a tight area. This leads to you going out one way and then immediately goign the opposite way right next to the hole you just played. At no point in my round did it ever feel I was going right back where I came from.  I wouldnt recommend trying to walk this course though. The elevation changes would be tough. Its also got some long distances between tee boxes. The way the course used its elevation was great. It was always a slow rise up a hill and a slow tiered descent down. At no point did it ever feel like one of the shots required you to grab an extra 3 clubs to make sure it gets there. That drives me nuts. The Bridges did make you think of the elevation changes but it was never anything overly large.


I preferred the front 9 over the back. The front had some very memorable holes and i thought closed out very strong from about hole 6 on. The most unique hole on the front in my opinion was the 4th hole. The tee box directs you towards the right side of the fairway. This is the shortest route through the hole but the safe shot is way out left. You take the bunkers on the right out of play but it makes the hole a little longer. I obviously aimed left and ended up hitting a weak slice. This put me right of the bunkers and into some long nasty grass. Ended up missing the green and 2 putting for a bogey. The 6th hole is another fun and challenging hole. From the Blue tee box I played from the scorecard says 252. Thats reachable with my driver and I may even go over the green. (pardon the humble brag there). The guys I was playing with had grabbed 8 iron and were talking about how difficult this hole was. The green was very hard and if you went into the bunker long and left of the green you were almost assured a bogey.  They scared me off of driver I pulled 7 iron. I hit my short approach shot and went to the green. I could then see exactly what they were talking about. The green was two tiered and it was a HUGE drop off to the right. If I would have missed to the left I would have been very short sided and it would have easily been a bogey.

The back 9 is no slouch either. The 13th hole is a fun hole. The score card has the hole listed at 368. The hole has 3 bunkers up the right side and it plays up hill. I obviously hit it right but managed to get it up and down and scramble for a par. While that was a fun hole the signature hole is the 18th. It requires 3 very good shots. The hole is broken up into 3 pieces. You will hit each shot to the different pieces. Each piece is basically a peninsula. The water comes into play if you hit it too long off the tee. You can try and drive it 265 to carry the water and end up on the second piece or you can decide to hit hybrid and hit it out left onto the first piece. I took option 2. I then hit my second shot to the 150 marker on piece 2. I hit my third shot pretty well. 2 putted and walked away with a hard earned par.

Considering it was February I didnt expect a lush green course. The grass was obviously dormant and brown but the fairways and the greens rolled true. The drive was well worth it for a course in such good condition during the winter. I cant wait to make the trek again and see the course when it is lush and green. If you live in Dallas make the drive. Its worth it