Preseason training camp

In football training camp is where you go to get in shape. It is where you go to get the kinks worked out before the season starts. You want to make sure you are in tip top shape before the season starts. Earlier this week it was time for my clubs to go to “Training Camp”.

What does Training Camp look like for some golf clubs? The training camp involves getting the loft and lie checked. After a year of hitting balls, golf clubs can get bent out of their specifications. This is especially true if the clubs use a soft metal like one that is used on most forged iron models. Another thing that can knock those clubs out of specifications is hitting off range mats (which I do). The mats arent as soft as grass and cause a little bit more force on the club head.

I wanted to get my clubs checked and make sure everything was looking good. I took all the clubs to the simulator and wanted to get each iron bent based on the results I was getting. I didnt want to say bend all the clubs one degree flat or 2 degrees upright. A club could have been bent upright throughout the year while another could have been bent flat. While in the simulator I noticed I was pulling most of my long irons pretty badly. I bent my long irons 2 degrees flat. My mid irons were pretty close to perfect. I was still losing them left a little. I decided to bend my 6,7,8 irons 1 degree flat to get it a little closer to the middle of the green. I was expecting my short irons to move quite a bit to the left but I was surprised when I couldnt miss the middle with them. I thought it was maybe a good swing day but as I thought more about it the more I was thinking about how they perform on the course. They are usually pretty accurate. I decided to keep those standard. I told them to go ahead and bend all my lofts back to the standard. They told me when I picked up my clubs a lot of them were off by a degree.

I dropped the clubs off Sunday and they were ready to go Monday when I got off work. When I walked in they were finishing them up so I decided to go try on some clothes. When I was done I grabbed the clubs and went home. I didnt hit them because I had some other stuff to do and just didnt have the time. Well Wednesday was the first tiem I was able to get out and swing the clubs. I couldnt have been any happier with the results. Both the 4 iron and the 8 iron were flying even better than before. On the simulator you can set up a target green. I decided to do that since when we play golf we aim at a green. The 4 and 8 irons were flying right at the pin. Rather than missing left I was kitting the green.

Take a look at your iron specs before the season starts. one or two degrees can really make a huge difference. Its the difference between a 7 yard pitch to a short sided green and a birdie putt. This really gave me some confidence to see the change I made pay dividends. Hopefully I can turn this into some on course success.