PGA Merchandise Show: Day Two

Things have started to slow down in Orlando. A lot of the big news has been reported. That being said I did see some interesting things today id love to talk about.

First up is the Ping G Le. This is an iron from Ping made for Ladies. Ill assume LE means Ladies Edition but thats just a guess. It looks to be a full set. They have gone away from the purple and flowery print they had in the past. They have moved to a teal and dark blue color scheme. You can get a LE Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrids,Irons, and putter. Its a nice move. When I worked at the top 100 fitter anytime a lady came in we almost always put her in the Ping ladies set. Ping does ladies clubs right so it is nice to see them upgrade their line up.

Srixon has also released an updated Z Star and Z Star XV. The regular Z Star is the Srixon version of the ProV1. Its the softer spinnier version compared to the XV. This time they have changed the dimple pattern and changed the core a little. They have also re-engineered their “spin skin” Which tries to add a little bit extra spin. The XV is a 4 piece ball compared to the Z Star which is a 3 piece. That means higher compression and less skin. They did make the core a little softer while they maintained the same outer core hardness. The coolest part of the golf ball releases is the emergence of the Q Star Tour. When the E5 was discontinued I was on the search for a cheap urethane covered golf ball.  The Q Star is a new 3 piece urethane covered golf ball. Its softer than the Z Star but it has that tour cover. Most golf balls perform the same for me. The biggest difference between golf balls to me is the cover. The urethane and surlyn cover perform much differently. I prefer the Urethane but due to cost I will tend to lean towards Surlyn covers. Needless to say I cant be any more excited for these Srixon balls, especially the Q-Star Tour!

If I see some more I will post that for sure. Also dont forget to check out my social media. Be on the look out for the newest podcast this weekend. I will recap all of the news that came out and go over that.