PGA Merchandise Show: Day One

I know you’re probably thinking wasnt yesterday day one? It was the first day of the show but technically that is named demo day and today is day one. It doesnt make sense to me either. I dont decide these things. Now that youre no longer confused lets move on to the cool stuff and huge news that broke today.

This morning when the doors opened Taylormade had a huge announcement. ¬†They had a new staff member and that staff member was none other than Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. Despite what you think of him, Tiger is a huge get for Taylormade. Some rumors were going around that he was trying Callaway woods and Mizuno irons. That was clearly not true because Tiger not only went with the Taylormade woods but he has agreed to play irons and wedges. Looks like they cant get him to play the putter but it feels like youre going to have to pry the Scotty Cameron from his cold dead hands. It kind of took over the show today but thats to be expected.

Hidden behind the Tiger news we had a new version of the most played golf ball in the world, The ProV1 and ProV1x. The ProV1x keeps everything the same except they will have a new dimple pattern for improved aerodynamics. Where they have focused a lot of effort is in the ProV1. The ProV1 is generally regarded as the spinnier and shorter than the ProV1x. Titleist addressed this by changing the core. It spins less and produces higher ball speeds. Most of this can be seen with your longer clubs. It will still have that amazing greenside control that makes it the most played golf ball in the world.

Ping brought new putters. We had seen these briefly but they really came out to play today. The Sigma is a gorgeous line of putters. There are 15 different models. Most of the putters are the same models you have come to know from Ping. They have added some few new models. Among my favorites are the Tyne and the Kinloch. They will be fun to try out. I cant wait to see them at the PGA Superstore.

Like I said yesterday,technology is one of my favorites things to incorporate in my game. Well another cool item to show up at the show is the Gen-i1. Its a golf ball that you can only putt. Thats because this golf ball has a way to track your putting stats. It will tell you your face angle and how the ball is rotating. If you hit the ball correctly you really want that face angle to be zero to get it rolling true. I will also admit if you have too much info you can overload. I just know for a poor putter like myself this could really help.

This has been so much fun to do. I cant wait to update everyone on tomorrows big news. Follow me on Twitter at hnting4birdies. I am also on instagram @huntingforbirdies. Search for Hunting for Birdies on Facebook. Follow all of the social media to get instant updates from the show. It should be exciting.