It’s here! It’s finally here!

Well everyone it is here. One of the best weeks of the year. It’s PGA Merchandise Show week. I saw a sign today saying it is the Major for golf shows. Its the US Open, Masters, Open Championship, and PGA Championship all rolled into one for golf equipment junkies like me. Every manufacturer, big or small, are all in Orlando this week to show off their products to PGA teaching pros in the hopes they will sell it to the masses.

The last podcast was a nice preview of the show. We went over the major manufacturers and what you could expect from them. The podcast is what we know the manufacturers are releasing. As with every show there may be a surprise or two. Last year Odyssey unveiled the “Toe Up” line of putters. I have to say I was surprised by the release but one currently sits in my bag. Sometimes the surprises are difference makers sometimes they are way too expensive and act almost like a concept car at an auto show.


An interesting weekend for sure

Saturday I had some friends come into Dallas from Houston for the University of Houston vs SMU basketball game. We had a good time before the game at a local arcade and cidery. We also decided to grab In-N-Out before the game. It was right about here that the rest of the day went down hill.  I wont bore you with a ton of details of the game just know my school lost…by a lot. After the game my friends went home and my wife and I decided to watch the Stars hockey game. After a hard fought game the Stars…lost. At this point I decided going to relax in bed was the best idea. I was sitting on the edge of the bed talking to my wife and decided to step off and readjust. Suddenly I heard *crunch*. I realized I had just stepped on my laptop. I stop my conversation and open up the laptop. The screen was shattered. It was ruined. I was pretty upset. The worst part of it all was realizing it was all my fault. I put it on the floor and I stepped on it. It was irresponsible. God bless my wife though. She knew the show was this week and it was a very important week for the blog. She gave me a budget and told me to have fun. I came home about 2 hours after leaving church with a new laptop. I spent a little more on a faster computer so that I could produce podcasts a little faster and do a better job editing some pictures and making the blog as good as I can.


Well everyone follow the blog this week for nightly updates on all the cool stuff coming out of Orlando. Its going to be exciting. I will also put out a new podcast this weekend discussing all the cool stuff I see coming out of the show! Be on the lookout for all of the news. Please follow the blog and check out the podcast. Rate it 5 stars on iTunes. Please. If you listen great if not I get it just rate and review!