Tour Van Fitting Experience

Today was a big day for me. I decided to drop a little bit of money and go get fit for a driver. I have been pretty excited for over a week now. I was excited to try all of the new options and see what actually fits me!

I checked in at the front desk of the PGA Superstore for my appointment. I got ready by hitting a few of my 8 irons. I also did a few stretches while my fitter set up the Foresight (edit. I called the simulator optishot. That is factually incorrect). After about 10 warm up shots with my 8 iron my fitter asked me to grab my driver so we could set a baseline. After 7-8 shots the fitter asked me for my driver. He pulled out a tool and after a couple of clicks and some impact tape he handed it back to me. I hit a few more and launch angles seemed to get a little better. The biggest problem we ran into after the setting was everything started going WAY left. I cheated a little and decided to see what change he made. He decided to change my driver to a 10.5 degree draw setting. That would clearly explain the super left shots.

While I was hitting my adjusted driver I heard the clicking of the driver tool. He handed me the brand new Cobra F7+. I took a look and he had me hit a 10.5 degree with the Fujikura Pro in an X flex (Working out is payin’ off!). The ball speeds jumped up by a 1 MPH. Thats not a huge difference. The club felt great. One of the biggest differences between clubs now and about 5 years ago is the stock shafts. This is a high level shaft. Hell,my stock shaft on my Fly Z plus from 2 years ago is garbage. One of the other things Cobra said they worked on was the acoustics of this driver. It was still a little tingier than the others but it was still a very solid thud.

At this point we figured out a mid launch and low spin shaft was going to be the way to go. We saw some decent gains with the Cobra but we thought we may be able to do more. Next stop was the brand new M1. He passed over the 10.5 degree head turned down a degree. The shaft was a really cool looking Blue and black shaft. I looked down and I saw it was the Attas 6Star shaft in a Stiff flex. Base don looks alone I wanted this club. The baby blue and black mixed with the white and black of the club head was kind of awesome looking. Looks are great but it was time to take some swings. The ball speed was a couple of MPH faster than the new Cobra. That is 3 MPH over the original Cobra. We kept launch conditions in the optimal range and was getting good distance. The big problem was the dispersion. The lefts were pretty bad with the M1. The best shots couldnt be touched but the misses were BIG misses. We tried an Oban but the misses were still pretty off. For as expensive of a shaft as the Oban was it just didnt feel great to me.

Next up was the Big Bertha Epic. This is supposed to be the “Game Changer” of the year. The jailbreak technology is supposed to be great. Everyone was touting huge ball speed gains. I saw a little ball speed gain from my current driver but ti didnt really beat any of the current drivers ball speed wise.  We put the same Attas shaft in that club as well. The launch conditions were pretty close again to the M1. This club most certaintly felt the best. It produced a nice thud sound at impact. When we moved the weight to a complete fade we began to see straighter shots and the big sweeping hook turned a little more into a draw. I dont know how those little titanium bars made that sound but it helped. For costs sake we decided to throw in the stock Aldila Rogue MAX. I was still seeing great numbers. It did feel slightly less stable than the $300 Attas shaft but I dont think it is a $300 difference.

In my curiosity I wanted to try my new ProLaunch Red in the new Cobra head. It seemed to fit well. The club still felt great.The problem was the fact that I was launching it a little low. Ball speeds and spin were still where we wanted them to be.

It was an interesting experience. It was worth the $25 I paid for it. I do wish we would have done a little more comparison of the raw data. About half way through it sort of turned into a lesson. We began working on my swing. I didnt really intend on getting a lesson with my driver fitting. I feel it got frustrating for the fitter because everything was performing the same so he switched gears and tried to get me to hit the ball more solidly. Like I said that was slightly frustrating. Instead of working on my swing we should have worked more on comparing the data and trying different shafts. I never hit a Srixon head at all. I didnt necessarily feel I got a better fitting experience than one I could have gotten if I was in a regular fitting bay on any other day.

I did leave the fitting with some new knowledge. I learned I should probably go to a 10.5 degree head and I should be going after a mid launch low spin shaft but I cant say I learned which driver was the best for me which in my mind was the point of the fitting